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Marvels most successful solo character movie franchise. All the latest news from the set of Iron Man covering the sequels and cross overs from the Marvel universe.

Collecting news on Tony Starks new armor, trailers and the casting updates.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 6, 2012

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Iron Man 3 Review and opinions

With the release of Iron Man 3 we have a review with opinions on what they did along with speculation on the future of Iron Man in the Marvel movies.

Iron Man 3 behind the scenes footage

Marvel has just released a video with five minutes of behind the scenes footage with Iron Man 3. Some of the scenes haven’t been shown in the trailer so far so its a little bit of a spoiler.

Life Sized Iron Man Mark 42 for only $8499.99

The biggest Iron Man toy you will ever have the chance to buy has just gone into pre order. It’s a life sized mk 42 which is only $8499.99.

Iron Man takes out a helicopter with a piano

A clip from the MTV movie awards where Iron Man takes on a helicopter armed with a piano.

Life sized Iron Man toy from Sideshow

This could be one of the most ambitious and awesome toys ever conceived by mortal man. It’s a 1:1 scale Iron Man 3 toy from Sideshow Collectables.

China to get extended version of Iron Man 3

It has been announced that China will get an exclusive extended version of Iron Man 3 in the cinema. The movie has been supported greatly with actors and movie studios in China and the exclusive version will give them more screen time tailored to the Chinese audience.

A list of Iron Man’s armor suits

Before we all lost count of all the suits or armor Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man movies here’s a list of them so far with more to come shortly.

Iron Man 3 trailer screen grabs and wallpapers

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer has provided us with some awesome new wallpaper from screen grabs including some of the new suits and Gwyneth Paltrow

New Iron Man 3 trailer coming March 5th

The first full length trailer for Iron Man 3 will be released on March 5th world wide. So Far Marvel have teased us with screen shots featuring more of the Mandarin and maybe a look in more detail of the numerous new armors.

Latest Iron Man 3 poster could be coolest poster ever

The latest Iron Man 3 poster could be one of the coolest movie posters I’ve seen since the X-men movie came out. This one confirms rumors about Tony Stark being able to control multiple suits at once.

Pepper Potts Poster for Iron Man 3

The latest Iron Man 3 movie poster features an emotive Pepper Potts with whats left of Tonys Iron Man armor after the Mandarins attack.

Iron Man 3 Space Armor leaked from Marvel

With Iron Man 3 coming out soon we are still finding more concept art to tease us, this one comes in the form of a Space suit armor for what could lead to anything in the Marvel movies.

Iron Man 3 gets a hall of armor in latest leaked promo picture

The latest promo image for Iron Man 3 has shown us an insight into the awesome new underground hall of armor which Tony Stark has put together after losing his last set of suits.

Comparing before and after on Iron Man 3 CGI

That strange Iron Man 3 set is fully explained thanks to the Super Bowl Trailer. Here’s a screen shot comparing the pre and post CGI on this years biggest movie.

Strong chance Happy Hogan dies in Iron Man 3

Thanks to the latest Super Bowl TV spot we have bad news for Happy Hogan fans, looking at each frame it looks grim for Iron Man but is this the last Iron Man movie for Jon Favreau.

Hot Toys Confirm we will see Mark 42 of Iron Mans Armour

One of the oldest Iron Man 3 rumours finally gets confirmed thanks to a Hot Toys bust along with showing off some of the latest masterpiece toy line.

Fan Bingbing confirmed in Iron Man 3

Another cast member has signed up for Iron Man 3 as Fan Bingbing a Chinese actress / singer / model joins the team.

Slightly Extended Japanese Iron Man 3 trailer

Thanks to a newly released Japanese Iron Man 3 trailer we have a few extra scenes to speculate on. It’s good to see Pepper Potts get a little more screen time too.

Is Iron man 3 still going to be filmed in China

Early reports on Iron Man 3 mentioned filming a large chunk of the film in China but no shots appeared in the recent trailer, Dan Mintz explains.

Official Iron Man 3 Trailer finally on youTube

The Iron Man 3 trailer has finally been released which is probably the best thing this year since Judge Dredd in the cinema.

Latest Iron Man 3 pictures including Mandarin

Marvel have released more teasers before the trailer which including the Iron Patriot armor which War Machhine upgrades to and Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin.

First Iron Man 3 teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 has just been released and here it is in full with a few screen caps.

Iron Man 3 trailer coming 23rd October

The most well kept preview of any movie, the Iron Man 3 trailer actually has an official release date from Marvel.

Iron Man and War Machine on set for Iron Man 3

On set with Iron Man and War Machine showing off the new threads from next years Iron Man 3 movie. It’s not Iron Patriot but War Machines new look before anyone asks.

Radioactive Man joins the Avengers universe

The cast of Iron Man 3 grows even more with the addition of another epic Marvel icon Radioactive Man who will be played by Wang Xueqi. (Not the Radioactive man from the Simpsons).

Iron Man 3’s Mark 8 armor

Thanks to SDCC we have the first look at the mark 8 armor from Iron Man 3. The new design has more panels and a new red and white scheme

Iron Man 3 Extremis Concept Art

Marvel have released some Iron Man 3 concept art which may show us the Extremis armor in use as Iron Man Mark VIII

First look at Iron Man 3 footage to screen at SDCC

With filming well underway Marvel Studios will be showing the first footage of Iron Man 3 during the San Diego comic con 2012 on July 14th

New Iron Man 3 poster with Italian Release date

A new Iron Man 3 poster has been spotted on Italian magazine
Primissima with a new early release date for Italy and possibly other countries.

Pictures of Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3

The first pictures of the Iron Patriot have leaked on the net from the set of Iron Man 3. It looks like the American government may have reproduced Starks armor.

First picture from Iron Man 3 set

The first picture of the Iron Man 3 set shows us filming has begun and the awesome line up of armor from Mark 1 to 7

Iron Man 3 cast

With filming starting soon the cast has started to take shape for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie which will take the franchise into a whole new direction.


Eternals movie news

The Eternals is part of Marvel Studios Phase Four of their plan for world domination. It’s based on a team of immortal celestial beings who are hidden from the modern world but defend it from the evil Deviants. The first movie was released in November 2021 with no sequel yet confirmed.

Blue Beetle Movie

The Blue Beetle is a movie which is going into production is based on the comics and set for release on HBO Max

Black Adam Movie News

It’s been in the works for nearly a decade but the Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson is finally in production. The target release date for the movie will be sometime late 2021.


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