Every good comic or movie has a good toy line to back up the franchise.

Play Arts Kai Tifa and Aerith dress versions announced

Square Enix are making fans of the Final Fantasy Remake game super happy with the announcement of new Play Arts Kai Tifa and Aerith figures, this time with their dress versions.

How to spot a fake Play Arts Kai Tifa

A comparison of the Ko an official Play Arts Kai Tifa figure from Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s scary how much detail the bootleggers have triedd to copy.

Play arts Kai Remake Tifa Review

A review of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Figure which is part of the Play Arts Kai line from Square.

Mazinger Z Infinity statue of Mazin Emperor G

A review of the Mazin Emperor G model from, it’s based on the character from Mazinger Z Infinity and one epic build.

Xenoblade 2 Siren from Kotobukiya

Photos of the Kotobukiya Siren model kit from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Finally they are making merchandise for this very epic game on the Nintendo Switch.

880 Legacy Dragonzords stolen from van in Scotland

880 Power Rangers Dragon Zord toys have been stolen from a van in Scotland. Keep an eye out for these A1 toys exclusives.

Mazinger Z Full Armament Version Resin kit review

Another Mazinger Z resin kit statue from, this time it’s the Mazinger Z Full Armament Version which is a perfect kit for anyone with an interest in Mazinger or building robot kits.

Mazin Saga resin kit statue review

Here’s a review of the MazinSaga statue from He’s the not too distant cousin of Mazinger Z by the same creator Go Nagai. The manga was never translated into English but there was a Megadrive game and it’s a piece of Manga history.

RX-124 Gundam TR-6 Hazel Thley II Rah review

Unfortunatly Bandai never made an official kit for the RX-124 Gundam TR-6 (Hyzenthlay II-Rah) (also known as the Gundam TR-6 (Advanced Woundwort Ex)) mobile suit which appeared in the novel Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans.

Zelvoid Possession Model Kit from

A review of the Zelvoid model kit from, he was one of the coolest foes in Super Robot Wars and this 10 inch tall statue shows us all the detail that went into the character

e2046 GK Competition

The model making competition of the year is starting soon as open their annual GK competition.

Hot Toys Suicide Squad Harley Quinn pre order

Sideshow collectables have released a pre order for the Hot Toys Harley Quinn based on Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie

Magma Dragoon from

A review of the Magma Dragoon model kit from, It’s a great kit for anyone wanting to start building without spending a lot of cash.

Evangelion Resin Kit Review – Eva-02 The Beast

Evangelion Resin Kit Review – Eva-02 The Beast from It’s the most impressive and fun kit I’ve built

Play Arts Kai FFVII Cloud Game Ver

The first toy line to go with the FFVII remake has been put on display which will start with Cloud in a Play arts Kai incarnation

Hot Toys Hulkbuster pre-order

Sideshow collectables have opened a pre-order for the Hot Toys Hulk Buster, they even have a monthly payment option which makes this $800+ figure more affordable.

2016 International GK competition are starting a new search for worlds greatest garage kit talent with the international 2016 GK competition. Find details on how to enter and previous entries here.

New Robot King Resin Kit from E2046

A review of the New Robot King resin kit from It’s a full action articulated robot kit which is fairly easy to assemble and fun to paint.

The greatest Transformer toy ever made

An independent toy designer has made what could be the greatest transformer ever engineered. It’s a Masterpiece Diinobot Cobiner by GCreations and oh is it beautiful.

e2046 GK contest 2015 winners

The winners of the annual e2046 GK competition have been announced along with galleries of all the winners.

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