Iron Man 3 behind the scenes footage

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Iron Man 3 is only days away from being released so this is a close to a final trailer as we will get. It’s over five minutes of behind the scenes footage which might be packed with the DVD.

A lot of the clips are bits from the trailers without the CGI but there are a few new ones including what looks like some kid helping Tony Stark rebuild his Iron Man suit. There also seems to be a whole lot of screen time in this movie without the suits.

As far as pre news for IM3 this is as far as I want to report, there are a lot of spoilers floating around after the world wide premiers and it’s not worth spoiling the second best movie of the year.

One thing I really hope Marvel does release is the full Chinese version with the extended Fan Bing Bing clips. She’s a huge actress in China and it was one of the selling points of the movie for me. For Marvel to then cut out those scenes just sounds like a bad idea.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 21, 2013

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