Pictures of Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3

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Covert on set pictures from the set of Iron Man 3 confirm that the Iron Pariot will feature in new movie. It looks like a modified War Machine suit as it features both the circle arc reactor and a sholder turrent.

In the comics the Iron Patriot was Norman Osbourne but with the Spider-Man movies in production a cross over seems very unlikley although it would be pretty amazing.

At the moment most evidence points to the Iron Patriot being played by James Badge Dale (World War Z, The Departed). If you piece together the clues it looks like the movie will feature Lieutenant Colonel Eric Savin aka Coldblood.

Coldblood was the name of Eric Savin after he was killed and ressurected in a Robocop esc story. If you combine this with te Iron Patriot it may be hat Eric is harmed in a military job and his body is donored to a top secret government experiment where he is ressurected as a part human part cyborg Iron Patriot.

At the moment this is all just a personal theory but it would be amazin to combine Robocop with Iron Man.

We should have a teaser trailer in a few months but we won’t know for sure till the May 2013 release date for confirmation.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 5, 2012

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