Fan Bingbing confirmed in Iron Man 3

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The cast for Iron Man 3 keeps growing as it moves to China to finish filming. Although many of the original cast have had to drop out due to time scales on filming a few new additions have been confirmed recently.

The latest cast member to sign up is Fan Bingbing a well known Chinese actress / singer / model. She’s a great personality to add to the Iron Man 3 cast as she was even voted #1 in a listing of the most Beautiful people by Beijing News.

At te age of 31 she has already started her own production studio in China along with founding an Arts school which she also manages. A truly amazing individual to join any team.

Fan Bingbing is also well known for making great action and sci-fi movies one from 2010 was Future X-Cops which featured some great CGI with a hero who was a mix between Iron Man and Robocop.

At the moment there are two parts should be playing one is Dr Wu’s assistant and one is Dr Wu’s boss in the hospital. It’s likley she could have a big part in the movie and could even be a regular in the Avengers movie universe.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 12, 2013

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