Iron Man 3 Review and opinions

Iron Man 3 Review and opinions

"Lethal weapon with robots."

4/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

It’s been a few days since Iron Man 3 was released and it’s already had some amazing reviews from the general cinema going public. Shane Black’s take on a comic book movie was awesome but was it in the right direction.

The movie starts off in a similar scene to Iron Man 2, Tony Stark has his billions of dollars and underground lab but something seems to be missing. He is having frequent panic attacks after what happened in Avengers.

Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t know how to do Iron Man bad, he was the perfect casting for the role and its hard to imagine what someone would do with the character when RDJ leaves the Marvel movies. Saying that this movie is totally different to all the other Marvel movies we have seen over the last few years. It was far more about the action scenes than adding obscure references to the comics.

I think Marvel Studios has realised Iron Man is always going to be a bigger movie star than he will be to them selling comics.

Iron Man 3 gives you almost everything you wanted from the previous movies. He has some epic action scenes making the best use of CGI. Loads of suits to use which seem to be a lot weaker than his others. They are a lot m ore disposable than in previous movies probably because he has so many now. They just seem to fall apart with a punch or two.

Iron Man 3 release date 2013

One thing this movie did better than any other is make the best use of Pepper Potts. If you liked Gwyneth Paltrow in the other movies you will be in love with her after you see this. She didn’t have her own armor as was rumored but she did borrow the Mark 42 suit at one point and then came back at the end of the movie with super Extremis powers. There is something about a hot redhead with a robot arm which is strangely appealing to fans.

There has been rumours about a War Machine spin off but you could just as easily do a Pepper Potts spin off now and I would probably do better than most other comic movies.

You can really tell the difference between writers and directors on the Iron Man franchise. Shane Black by both writing and directing the movie has made a modern day Lethal Weapon movie with Iron Man and War Machine.

Like I said it has a lot of action scenes just for the sake of adding them in, most don’t have any real motive out side of the realm of having a massive CGI budget and wanting to burn it out. I can’t say it ruined the movie because it was awesome but it could have been better. If the action went with more of a story instead of just for the sake of adding it in every five minutes.

The Mandarin aka Trevor was the biggest dissapointment for me. It was funny and unexpected which was cool, but the Mandarin is suposed to be Iron Man’s arch nemesis.

In the comics the Mandarin has been an evil genius scientist with magical rings for the last 50 years. In the movies he doesn’t exist, he is an actor hired by Aldrich Killian to sell weapons. Funny as it was I was very dissapointed by that as they have runined the Mandarin and made it impossible to make a decent bad guy out of him in future movies.

Aldrich Killian was a good move from Shane Black, he is a good rival for Tony Stark as he is what Tony could have turned out as if he kept making weapons and didn’t end up in that cave.

The biggest let down had to be the post credits scene. For years it’s been one thing that seperates the hard core Marvel movie fan from the people who wandered in from the street. Whoever put the credits together has made them extra long maybe a good twenty minutes of listing everyone who was in the movie to anyone who made Shane Black a sandwich over the last ten years. Then when the post credits scene ends it was just a joke between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. I’d have loved for them to tie in Thor or Ant Man but they just wasted this part for the first time in years.

When the Chinese cast was announced and included BingBing Fan it was pretty exciting but they have now cut all those scenes out of the movie. Again it would have been easy to leave the extra scenes in but for some reason they were cut in the last few weeks of production and only seen within China.

Overall it was an awesome movie. It could have been a lot better with a bit of care but atleast it was better than Iron Man 2.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 27, 2013


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