Iron Man 3 trailer screen grabs and wallpapers

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Thanks to Marvel UK we have the latest Iron Man 3 trailer which blows anything else we have seen to bits. This one gives fans plenty of insight but still teases us with all the extra stuff they could throw in.

The movie is out April 25th in the UK and Ireland but the release date does vary depending if you want to see it in IMAX or where you live.

One thing I love about the trailer is all the stuff it doesn’t show. We have been teased with rumors or Pepper Potts getting her own suit and now we see her with a new necklace which is a focus in the trailer. I’d throw a guess out there that this is either a tracking device or some sort of distress call to activate either her own armor or call one of Tony’s. She’s also in her underwear at one point in the trailer maybe from previously wearing a suit, either way we will have to inspect this scene in detail when the bluray comes out.

I also like how they haven’t tried to hide the fact he can control numerous sets of armor at a time but tease you with a few of the high profile ones. The blue one at the end appears to be the Hulk Buster one we saw but in blue.

One thing I do hope they explain in the movie is how the armor can move on its own without an arc reactor. Does this make the one Tony Stark has in his chest now redundant?

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 5, 2013

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