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Thor is another of Stan Lee’s pension founders. We must have all heard of the great Stan Lee who has created so many of the characters that have shaped the comic industry for years. Stan himself said he came up with the idea for Thor shortly after he had worked on the Hulk, trying to out do the strongest being on earth, but how… Make him a god.

The first Thor Trailer was released at Comic Con.

The Thor movie will be based on the comic incarnations of the Greek god’s who Stan had thought people had already become familiar with. To be honest I think it was a great idea, so obvious and right in front of everyone but he managed to see it. Much like Frank Miller in the way he can take a character hundreds of people have worked with and still see something new and re invent them.

But on to the movie so far not a huge amount of information has been released but we do have some. The film is set to star Chris Hemsworth who played Captain Kirks father in the recent Star Trek Movie and soon to be Thor movie. The film also has a line up of similar unknown actors such as Tom Hiddleston who was in an episode of Casualty and now is set to play Loki also a very surprising return to the cinema for Brian Blessed in the Thor movie, yes the guy from Flash Gordon as Thor’s father Odin.

Since most of the characters seem to be gods I would guess the story goes along the lines of some bad gods who hate humans and Thor who will end up protecting them with his Hammer.

I think an awesome turn around would be a cross over with the Hulk as they always seemed to size up in a fight well on in the pages.

The official Marvel Thor movie website has also launched.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 9, 2009

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