Avengers : Thor Concept Art

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I think 10 years ago if someone said we would get a realistic Iron Man movie and be close to a full Avengers movie you might have though it would look like a poorly cast B movie like DC’s Steel.

But thankfully with modern day CGI and some amazingly talented concept artists, directors and writers we have managed to get some pretty cool comic book movies recently.

Moving on to one of the most anticipated moments of internet history so far we have concept art for Thor which will be used in the upcoming movie due for release 20th May 2011 and the Avengers movie which we unfortunately wont see till May 2012.

The new concept art matches up with the Thor picture we had of Chris Hemsworth a few weeks ago.

The image first popped up from collider and although it could be fan art it is likely to be concept art leaked from the studio to measure fan reactions.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 3, 2010

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