Thor 2 : The Dark World Review

Thor 2 : The Dark World Review

"The Empire Strikes Back of Comic book movies"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

When Marvel Studios started laying down the foundations of the new Marvel movie-verse they wanted them to be big, realistic and push the bar of comic book movies higher than before. With Iron Man it was easy, use what worked for Batman and add some cool CGI armor. Thor on the other hand was a lot more difficult with him being god and using magical type powers. Either with the challenges Marvel Studios made an amazing first Thor movie.

The sequel Thor : The Dark World breaks all the rules of a sequel, it’s better than the first and still leaves room for a third or fourth movie. It’s the Empire Strikes back of comic book movies.

The movies starts off fast paced and keeps it running through out with an action packed story and nothing gets overused. They have some epic fights, some twists and some amazing CGI work with a battle on Asgard which Disney could use for inspiration on the next Star Wars movies.

Castin gwise Chris Hemsworth has done an awesome job of taking on the role of Thor, nobody has played him before as long as you ignore the old TV show appearance and to take a new character like that and make him likeable is a difficult task. The same goes with Tom Hiddleston who has done an amazing job of playing Loki. Out of all the Marvel movie characters Loki probably has the biggest appreciation other than Iron Man and for a supporting character that says a lot.

The story clears up a lot of questions fans have had from the other movies, for example what the Asgardians actually are if not real gods. They also bring Loki back as a neutral character so it opens him up to having his own movie if Marvel can come up with a good story.

When the movie started filming in England I wasn’t sure just how much would be filmed here but it looks like most if not all the movie was set in the south of England. A little coincidental that everything happens for no real reason in the space of a mile or two but it works out well. The movie doesn’t rely on a complicated story but more on the delivery of the content.

The movie also has a lot of surprises like a cameo from another Avenger, two great post credits scenes so stay behind for both.

Overall the success of the movie will go down to the awesome actors who have made the parts their own and writers like Christopher Yost and Christopher Markus who are going to be very valuable to Marvel movies in the future for their skills at writing a great comic book movie.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 2, 2013


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