Hawkeye to appear in Thor cameo

When Samuel L Jackson had signed up to do cameos in the Marvel comic movies it was said he would have cameo parts in 8 movies and get his very own Nick Fury movie to come after the Avengers.

Recently from interviews from Jeremy Renner iot has surfaced that Hawkeye may have the cameo appearance in Thor to help introduce th character to the audience before the Avengers movie.

It would be very Marvel for them to cram in extra easter eggs into the movie, from the Stan Lee cameos which have been present since X-Men and the Spider-Man movies to all the little frame easter eggs like Fin Fang Foom in Iron Man 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a CGI Iron Man flying in the background.

Although it is still unlikely that Samuel L Jackson would pass up the chance to add another movie to his IMDB listing it may have come about with a new contact, possibly more Avengers related movies !

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 2, 2011


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