Comic Book Movies

Some times awesome graphic novels and comic’s get a movie incarnation, be it a huge Hollywood movie to being an awesome zero budget fan movie.

Either way we all love to see those characters spring out of the pages in comic book movies. In recent years we have seen some amazing movies based on comics from Watchmen to Iron man, we have all the latest news from around the web.

Wasp may be joining Captain America 2

With Ant-Man and Avengers 2 in early production it may come as a surprise to some we might see Wasp first in Winter Soldier.

Wolverine Vs Ninjas in new on set pictures

With the Wolverine being filmed at the moment on an open set in Australia we have some pictures taken by a local of Wolverine fighting a gang of Ninjas.

Is Iron man 3 still going to be filmed in China

Early reports on Iron Man 3 mentioned filming a large chunk of the film in China but no shots appeared in the recent trailer, Dan Mintz explains.

Bryan Singer replaces Matthew Vaughn as X-men Director

As one director leave another enters as Bryan Singer has now signed up to direct X-men Days of Future Past due out in 2014.

Official Iron Man 3 Trailer finally on youTube

The Iron Man 3 trailer has finally been released which is probably the best thing this year since Judge Dredd in the cinema.

Latest Iron Man 3 pictures including Mandarin

Marvel have released more teasers before the trailer which including the Iron Patriot armor which War Machhine upgrades to and Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin.

First Iron Man 3 teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 has just been released and here it is in full with a few screen caps.

Iron Man 3 trailer coming 23rd October

The most well kept preview of any movie, the Iron Man 3 trailer actually has an official release date from Marvel.

Spider-man Turn off the Dark review

Ever wonder what it would be like on the set of a Spider-man movie? Buy some tickets for Spider-man Turn off the Dark which is Broadways most epic musical shows. Full review inside.

Thor 2 Release Date

The world wide release dates for Thor Dark world have mostly been confirmed again with France being one of the first countries to see the movie in late 2013.

Thor : The Dark World Synopsis

Another reveal from NYCC week as Marvel release the full synopsis for Thor 2: Dark World. 2013 could be one of the best years for comic book movies in history.

Close up pictures of Robocop custume

Thanks to the on set paparazzi new the Robocop movie set we have some new close up shots of the no #1 cyborg cop.

Iron Man movie news

The latest news from the Iron Man movie set covering cast updated and behind the scenes look at the new armor.

Batman Movie News

Covering all the latest Batman movie news from the upcoming sequels or potential reboot of the Dark Knight franchise.

Iron Man and War Machine on set for Iron Man 3

On set with Iron Man and War Machine showing off the new threads from next years Iron Man 3 movie. It’s not Iron Patriot but War Machines new look before anyone asks.

Robocop costume on set

The first picture of Robocop has been leaked online thanks to someone close to the set. It looks close to an Ironman / Batman cross over.

Free Dredd 3D Prequel Comic – Top of the world Ma-Ma

Lionsgate have released a free online comic which follows the rise of Ma-Ma in the Judge Dredd universem. It doesn’t spoil the movie so read away.

Judge Dredd Review

When The Matrix, Blade Runner, Die Hard and Game of Death come toegher to make a comic book movie we get Judge Dredd 3D. The onlly 3D movie I could ever reccomend.

Kick Ass 2 street brawl films in London this October

The studio working on Kick-Ass 2 are now looking got extras to take part in something that can only be called a super hero street brawl in London this October

Mark Millar gets cameo in Kick-Ass 2

If Stan Lee can do it why can’t Mark Millar. He has just grabbed his first acting role with a cameo in Kick Ass 2 which starts filming in a few days.

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