Some times awesome graphic novels and comic’s get a movie incarnation, be it a huge Hollywood movie to being an awesome zero budget fan movie.

Either way we all love to see those characters spring out of the pages in comic book movies. In recent years we have seen some amazing movies based on comics from Watchmen to Iron man, we have all the latest news from around the web.

Comic Book Movies

Full HD Captain America Trailer

With yesterdays amazing teasers from Paramount we now have the full HD Captain America trailer with a few clips of Manchester in there.

Mini Captain America Trailers

Thanks to Paramount we have a few sneak peaks at the Captain America trailer. For most people they wont be worth a watch but for those of us super comic book geeks they are an awesome teaser.

New full picture of Captain America Costume

I may very well be looking more forward to Captain America being released than any other comic book movie in production even including Batman 3. Here is another look at the full movie costume.

Daredevil Movie

It looks like we may finally get a new Daredevil movie. Be it a remake, prequel or sequel to the 2003 movie which had the awesome sound track. The new movie has 30 Days of Night director David Slade behind the camera.

Thor movie UK preview on April 25th

Awesome news for UK based Comic Book Movie fans. Thor has been given an early release date thanks to Paramount and the Easter bunny.

First clear shot of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull

Just when you think you have seen everything there is to see from this years Captain America movie they release the first clear picture of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull

Dark Knight Rises Batmobile Concept Art

Normally I wouldn’t be sure if this was real or fake but it seems to have popped up and been removed fairly quick from a few news site. It’s a pretty bad ass Dark Knight Rises Batmobile.

Dylan Dog Movie – Dead of Night

Brandon Routh may have his Superman days behind him but his Comic book movie career is still going strong. Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is his next movie.

Empire Magazine shows off live action Sentinel Prime

The first live action shot of Sentinel Prime from Transformers 3 will hit Empire magazine this month. He’s no Megan Fox but still a very lovely bot.

Second official Thor Trailer from Marvel

Take two on the Thor trailer front. The second official trailer has more Thor and a little more action than the fairly spoiler free first trailer.

Offical Spiderman promo Poster and Title

Sony has confirmed a real title for the Spider-man movie along with the second official picture of the Spider-Man costume.

X-Men First Class Trailer

The new X-Men First Class movie is easily going to take the world by storm. The first trailer has just been released and it looks pretty amazing.

First Transformers 3 TV spot Trailer

Another reason to watch the Super Bowl. The second Transformers three trailer gives away a little more about the movie.

Super Bowl Captain America Trailer

They don’t call it the Super Bowl for nothing. This years giant sporting event has also brought us the first look at the Captain America Trailer.

On set pictures of Spiderman

One thing I love about modern day comic book movies is the leaked images. It’s great to see how a rough shot of Spider-man running through a street will turn into next years blockbuster.

Bucky shows darker side in Captain America

This years Captain America movie will be totally epic. It’s a modern day comic book movie set in the 1940s. Here’s the first picture of James ‘Bucky’ Barnes with his darker side.

Green Lantern World Wide Release Dates

Arguably this years biggest comic book movie is due out in most places 17th June 2011 but the world wide release dates do vary slightly.

Superman role given to British actor Henry Cavill

Maybe the biggest comic book movie new of the year, well at least so far. British actor Henry Cavill has been given the role of Superman in the new movie

Lena Headey joins Dredd movie as Ma-Ma

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was great for two reason, one was Summer Glou the other was Lena Headley who has just joined the cast for the 2012 Dredd movie as Ma-Ma

New Spider-man on set film footage

More footage of the new Spider-Man movie being filmed. It’s been far from a closed set so far but this is the first fairly decent movie.

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