Comic Book Movies

Some times awesome graphic novels and comic’s get a movie incarnation, be it a huge Hollywood movie to being an awesome zero budget fan movie.

Either way we all love to see those characters spring out of the pages in comic book movies. In recent years we have seen some amazing movies based on comics from Watchmen to Iron man, we have all the latest news from around the web.

New Iron Man 3 trailer coming March 5th

The first full length trailer for Iron Man 3 will be released on March 5th world wide. So Far Marvel have teased us with screen shots featuring more of the Mandarin and maybe a look in more detail of the numerous new armors.

Latest Iron Man 3 poster could be coolest poster ever

The latest Iron Man 3 poster could be one of the coolest movie posters I’ve seen since the X-men movie came out. This one confirms rumors about Tony Stark being able to control multiple suits at once.

Magan Fox cast as April O’Neill

The first cast member to sign up to Michael Bays Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is the last person you would think as Megan Fox signs to play April O’Neill.

Pepper Potts Poster for Iron Man 3

The latest Iron Man 3 movie poster features an emotive Pepper Potts with whats left of Tonys Iron Man armor after the Mandarins attack.

Iron Man movie Hulk Buster armor concept art leaked

It’s the fight comic fans have been waiting for since Iron Man first hit the movies. This so far unused Hulk Buster armor sheds light on what Mavel have atleast considered for the future of the Avengers.

Iron Man 3 Space Armor leaked from Marvel

With Iron Man 3 coming out soon we are still finding more concept art to tease us, this one comes in the form of a Space suit armor for what could lead to anything in the Marvel movies.

Iron Man 3 gets a hall of armor in latest leaked promo picture

The latest promo image for Iron Man 3 has shown us an insight into the awesome new underground hall of armor which Tony Stark has put together after losing his last set of suits.

Comparing before and after on Iron Man 3 CGI

That strange Iron Man 3 set is fully explained thanks to the Super Bowl Trailer. Here’s a screen shot comparing the pre and post CGI on this years biggest movie.

Captain America gets new girl friend as Emily VanCamp joins the cast

It looks like Captain America has moved on from Peggy Carter as he has a new girl friend in Winder Soldier. Emily VanCamp has just been signed for the female lead on the movie which starts shooting shortly.

Strong chance Happy Hogan dies in Iron Man 3

Thanks to the latest Super Bowl TV spot we have bad news for Happy Hogan fans, looking at each frame it looks grim for Iron Man but is this the last Iron Man movie for Jon Favreau.

Amazing Spider-man 2 list of villains grows

The cast for the Amazing Spider-man is growing and so are the bad guys. For a movie that only had the Lizard as a villain the sequel is set to be a blood bath.

Wolverine shows off his new suit in the March Empire magazine

The upcoming March issue of Empire magazine has been leaked with a new picture of Wolverine in a full black suit. But who’s funeral could it be.

Judge Dredd movie props go up for auction on Ebay

For all the Dredd Heads out there who wanted a piece of the movie a special auction is being held this week with some of the most epic movie props from the movie

X-men Days of Future past will feature more of the old cast

It’s amazing news for X-Men fans as Bryan Singer confirms all the best members of the original X-men team line up have signed on for X-men Days of Future Past.

Star wars episode VII sign Director and Writer

As Disney are eager to move forward on Star Wars Episode VII the projects has confirmed and signed a screenplay writer and Director for the project.

Was Tom Cruise Photoshopped out of Transformers 2

Was Tom Cruise really Photoshopped out of Transformers 2? Looking at footage from Revenge of the Fallen and Mission Impossible 3 it would appear so.

Justice League team line up

A few rumours have started moving round the internet regarding the first movies super hero team line up for the movie which could knock the Avengers off the top spot in 2015

Dragon Ball Absalon episode 2 test footage

The team behind one of the most amazing fan made cartoons Dragon Ball Absalon have relased teaser footage of the second episode.

Hot Toys Confirm we will see Mark 42 of Iron Mans Armour

One of the oldest Iron Man 3 rumours finally gets confirmed thanks to a Hot Toys bust along with showing off some of the latest masterpiece toy line.

Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date

With Marvel moving into phase two of the movie universe we have a whole new franchise to look forward to in Guardians of the Galaxy which is coming to a galaxy near you 2014.

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