Comic Book Movies

Some times awesome graphic novels and comic’s get a movie incarnation, be it a huge Hollywood movie to being an awesome zero budget fan movie.

Either way we all love to see those characters spring out of the pages in comic book movies. In recent years we have seen some amazing movies based on comics from Watchmen to Iron man, we have all the latest news from around the web.

TDKR Batman and Catwoman TV spot

The latest Dark Knight Rises TV spot shows us the dynamics between Batman and Catwoman along with how Catwoman gets her paws on the Batpod

Ant Man Release date set for 2015

With Edgar Wright’s Ant Man script being complete the only thing left is the release date. Looking through the other Avengers movies we can assume Ant Man will be coming late 2014

New Iron Man 3 poster with Italian Release date

A new Iron Man 3 poster has been spotted on Italian magazine
Primissima with a new early release date for Italy and possibly other countries.

HD Judge Dredd Trailer

Lionsgate have sort of released the first trailer for the 2012 Judge Dredd movie. Even in the middle of the comic book movie storm we are in the middle of the moment it’s making waves with fans

Ninja Turtles delay / canceled

Fans of the original teenage mutant ninja turtles may have finally gotten what they wanted. Michael Bays plot to reboot

Robocop Remake

With numerous rumors spanning nearly twenty years we finally have an official Robocop reboot in the making. Set for a 2013 release date it stars Joel Kinnaman As the new Alex Murphy

Pictures of Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3

The first pictures of the Iron Patriot have leaked on the net from the set of Iron Man 3. It looks like the American government may have reproduced Starks armor.

First picture from Iron Man 3 set

The first picture of the Iron Man 3 set shows us filming has begun and the awesome line up of armor from Mark 1 to 7

Prometheus Review

Fresh off the release date here’s a full review of Prometheus with a few minor spoilers. The prequel has reinvented the aliens franchise for a whole new generation.

Iron Man 3 cast

With filming starting soon the cast has started to take shape for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie which will take the franchise into a whole new direction.

Sin City 2 Release Date

The official release date has confirmed for Sin City 2 will be an October 2013 release and star the majority of the origional cast returning.

Avengers Art book and the unused concept art

So far the Avengers has clearly been the greatest comic book movie of all time in terms of having something for everyone. The art book to go with it is no different, full of unused concept art and a look what we missed out on.

An Amazing Extended Spider-man trailer

With a few weeks to go Marvel have released the final Spider-man trailer with a whole bunch of new clips from the movie. If you haven’t been impressed by the previous trailers this is really does make the next Spider-man movie look Amazing

Dark Knight Rises trailer #3

For those of us who didn’t see the third and probably final Dark Knight trailer before the Avengers movie here is the full trailer in HD.

Hulk Movie for 2015

The Avengers movie has already opened many new doors for opportunities. One of those is a new Hulk movie or two. Mark Ruffalo has signed a six movie deal with Marvel Studios.

A second post credits scene for Avengers

Just when you think the Avengers couldn’t get any better. Joss Whedon has added a secret post credits scene to encourage people to see the movie again. Shawarma anyone?

Avengers 2 Villain confirmed

With the first movie hitting the cinemas world wide this week we can confirm the villain in the Avengers 2 as Thanos the war titan.

Avengers Movie Spoilers

All the main Avengers movie spoilers so you don’t miss anything and for those who want to know what to expect from one of the most epic comic book movies of the decade.

Avengers Movie Review

Just been to see the Avengers and heres everything you need to know minus spoilers. A total epic super hero movie from start to finish.

Avengers gets an Ironman TV spot

Marvel’s latest TV spot is an Iron Man centric short showing why he is the only Marvel super hero who could possibly contend with Batman on the cool scale.

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