Comic Book Movies

Some times awesome graphic novels and comic’s get a movie incarnation, be it a huge Hollywood movie to being an awesome zero budget fan movie.

Either way we all love to see those characters spring out of the pages in comic book movies. In recent years we have seen some amazing movies based on comics from Watchmen to Iron man, we have all the latest news from around the web.

X-men, Spider-man and Avengerss cross over not impossible

Hugh Jackman wants an epic X-men, Spiderman and Avengers cross over and the Marvel liaison says its not impossible.

Batman Superman movie

We knew a DC team up movie was on its way but news on the long anticipated Batman vs Superman movie is more than fans could ask for.

Avengers 2 title confirmed – Age of Ultron

Joss Whedon has talked at SDCC and confirmed that the Avengers sequel will be titled Age of Ultron based on the recent 10 issue comic series.

Dragon Ball Absalon Episode 2 released

The long awaited fan mini series Dragon Ball Absalon continues with episode 2. It pushes the bar on fan made cartoons through the roof.

Justice League Dark movie to be set in same universe as Man of Steel

With the Justice League Dark movie probably further along development than the classic Justice League film Guillermo Del Toro has said he would like them to be in the same universe.

David S. Goyer wants to reboot Batman for Justice League

For the Justice League movie to move forward David S. Goyer has said he wants to reboot the Batman franchise without Christian Bale.

Menasor coming to Transformers 4

How do you sell a fourth movie? well you make it better than the previous three! Michael Bay has had some amazing ideas for Transformers 4 and the latest including Menasor could be the greatest cinematic robot ever.

Kick Ass 2 to have a post-credit scene

Marvel have always been a fan of post credits scene to tease fans with whats to come but few other comic book movies have dared to use them due to the commitment. Kick Ass 2 has just had its final edit and will now feature a post credits scene.

Final Wolverine Trailer shows more Silver Samurai

The latest and probably final trailer for The Wolverine has just been released and shows some epic new scenes of the Silver Samurai which looks to be a giant robot in this movie.

Justice League movie being written by David S. Goyer

With Man of Steel set for a successful opening weekend Warner Bros are fast tracking scripts of a sequel and Justice League written by screen play legend David S. Goyer.

Heath Ledgers Joker Diary

A documentary has been made which features Heath Ledgers Joker Diary, here are a few pages and a video dubbed in French.

Transformers 4 Optimus Prime redesign

Transformers 4 is currently being filmed at various places around the world and a few pictures of the new look Autobots have been released. Here’s the new look Optimus Prime

Akira concept art featuring Kanedas bike

Another piece of concept art from the live action Akira movie this time featuring Kanedas bike thanks to Warner Bross concept artist called Jonas De Ro.

Akira movie concept art

Here’s something new, its concept art from the new Akira movie. It looks like Kaneda with his signiture jacket standing in front of a nuke type explosion in Tokyo.


It may not be a comic book movie but when you make Wesley Snipes a zombie hunting cowboy you know a movie is worth writing about.

Captain America 1990 movie review

Here’s a review of the 1990 Captain America movie with comparisons to the recent one with Chris Evans. The movies are worlds apart in some parts but have a few bits in common.

First picture of Jennifer Lawrence as a vengeful Mystique.

Thanks to the Twitter account of Bryan Singer we have the first picture of Jennifer Lawrence as a vengeful Mystique in Days of Future Past

Black Widow kicks some ass in Captain America 2

When you watch a finsihed movie its amazing to watch the likes of Black Widow kicking ass but you can’t give all the credit to to the actors. Here’s a video of Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double Amy Johnston in action.

Fan BingBing joins cast of X-men as Blink

The X-men Days of Future Past cast has been joined by Fan Bing Bing who is reportedly to be playing Blink and teleporting mutant.

Pictures of Megan Fox as April O’Neil on the TMNT set

The first pictures of Megan Fox as April O’Neil in next years Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. These were taken on the New York Set with what looks like the new Channel 6 news van.

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