Avengers Infinity War movie news

Let me start be saying Whaahoo! Yeah the Avengers movie is going ahead and at full speed. It could very well be the biggest ever selling comic book movie made to date and in the near future. Well it might not be huge at the cinema but with a good few more tie-ins and sequels its going to be legendary.

Marvel has made some great movies recently from the hit and miss Hulk to everyone’s favorite weapons developer Iron Man along with the god of thunder Thor with a fearless leader in the form of Captain America.

So far the cast looks amazing and I hope more than anything they can do this right. If the first movie works out maybe they will be able to pull off a few sequels with Wolverine and Spider-man but time can tell.

So far we don’t have any movie posters, trailers or concept art but Joss Whedon is writing the screen play at the moment and set to direct so it has to kick ass.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 16, 2010

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All the Hot Toys Iron Man armors in one picture

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Heidi Moneymaker stunt reel 2014

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Early Avengers 2 Concept Art

In an unexpected move Marvel have released some early concept art for Avengers 2. It feaures Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and the Hulk Buster Armor.

Hulk on South Africa set of Age of Ultron

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The Avengers sequel is set for a release in most places May 1st 2015. The movie titled Age of Ultron will reunite the Avengers for a movie which will be epic action from start to finish.

Age of Ultron teaser trailer

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Avengers 2 plot details

This years SDCC gave us enough good comic book movie news to last fifty years. With Joss Whedon keen to get fan opinions he has give out a lot of plat details for the Avengers sequel Age of Ultron.

Avengers 2 title confirmed – Age of Ultron

Joss Whedon has talked at SDCC and confirmed that the Avengers sequel will be titled Age of Ultron based on the recent 10 issue comic series.

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Avengers Art book and the unused concept art

So far the Avengers has clearly been the greatest comic book movie of all time in terms of having something for everyone. The art book to go with it is no different, full of unused concept art and a look what we missed out on.

A second post credits scene for Avengers

Just when you think the Avengers couldn’t get any better. Joss Whedon has added a secret post credits scene to encourage people to see the movie again. Shawarma anyone?

Avengers 2 Villain confirmed

With the first movie hitting the cinemas world wide this week we can confirm the villain in the Avengers 2 as Thanos the war titan.

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Avengers DVD Extras

Before the movie has even seen a cinema screen Director Joss Whedon is talking about how the original cut was over 3 hours long and the did will have an extra 30 minutes of footage.

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Avengers Prelude Comic

The Avengers Prelude is an 8 issue prequel to the Marvel movie which will be released in a few weeks, it follows Fury and the other agents of SHIELD as they unite the Avengers.

Avengers Cardboard Cutouts

The ultimate Avengers movie collection, a full life size set of cardboard Avengers to sit in your living room while having the ultimate Marvel movie marathon.


Eternals movie news

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Blue Beetle Movie

The Blue Beetle is a movie which is going into production is based on the comics and set for release on HBO Max

Black Adam Movie News

It’s been in the works for nearly a decade but the Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson is finally in production. The target release date for the movie will be sometime late 2021.


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