Avengers 2 Age of Ultron review

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron review

"A cinematic superhero masterpiece"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

I wasn’t expecting much from this movie but Joss Whedon has turned this into one of the best superhero movies Marvel has made. It joins that short list of movie sequels that surpass the original.

One thing we notice from this movie is how close the team have grown. We have moved far from those movies where characters were still finding their feet and being introduced to each other. Age of Ultron starts off in the middle of a raid on a secret Hydra base, they take the Hyrda team out with minimal effort as the Avengers all work complementing the skills of their team mates.

In this movie we’re introduced to two new characters Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. If you’ve seen the last X-men movie or know anything about them it’s that they are mutants. In this franchise we aren’t allowed to mention the word “Mutant” so we are told they got their powers from Hydra experiments. I almost wish they just left that out and said they had supernatural powers or anything that would at least leave the book open to the possibility that Mutants might live somewhere on the planet.

With the evolved team dynamics we see Black Widow and Bruce Banner become very close in this movie much like we say her and Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 or her and Captain America in the Winter Soldier. She’s teased a relationship with all the main Avengers now but it’s something The Hulk might not bounce back from.

Where as in the first Avengers movie it was very much like Iron Man and friends, this time we see a much more even spread and even Hawk Eye takes lead in a few scenes from the movie making me think they might be finally planning a stand alone movie for him or at least now he’s the character who could carry  one.

Ultron in this movie is the main villain and whoever came up with his character development deserves a medal. I’ve read the comic and this is very much a different origin and robot to that. He’s made out of super advanced AI which is engineered from the technology kept inside the mind gem from Loki’s staff. Stark deciphers that it’s a super computer and decided to take a backup. It then takes over the internet and evolved into a great throwaway super villain to put the Avengers against.

The Vision is one of the new characters that Marvel and Disney kept very close to their chests and didn’t release too much information on. A super advanced form of Jarvis he is even played by Paul Bettany who has been the voice of Javis since the first Iron Man movie. It was a great touch to get him in the Vision as he’s turned into one of the cooler members of the team with a persona almost like a Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen.

For the latest movie it felt like some of the CGI was a big rushed and didn’t look finished in some points. It’s forgivable though as they sometimes have hundreds of chrome robots on the screen and keeping it all looking tight would be very difficult.

Joss Whedon has done an amazing job with both the Avengers movie, they might not have won over all movie critics but he”s kept the fans happy and that’s all that matters. At the moment it looks like this will be his last Marvel movie with the next Avengers movies being directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo who impressed everyone with Captain America 2.

Overall for a sequel it really impressive. They managed to include the Hulk Buster armor without it looking like an advert and finally made good use of the whole team which is sad as we have finally assembled the Avengers but due to film contracts etc we might not see them all fighting together for many more movies.

This was the first Marvel movie released in recent time that hasn’t had a post-credits scene teasing the next movie. It was a great tough since the Incredible Hulk much like the Stan Lee cameos. I’m not sure if this is a sign that Marvel / Disney have given up on them or if it was just that they hadn’t prepared one.

The next Disney/Marvel movie we will see is Ant-man and after that its full throttle into Captain America 3 then beyond that Thor 3 and onto the Infinity War where anything could happen.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 24, 2015


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