Avengers Endgame Review

"Best movie ever" 5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

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When the Russo brothers brought us Infinity War they set the bar pretty high for part two which they titles Endgame. It’s pretty much taken focus away from any other comic book movie in the last year and almost ruined going to the cinema for me all together, I just haven’t seen anything which can come close to the excitement of these two movies which put the Avengers up against their greatest threat yet.

The basic flow of the two movies seems to go as follows:

Infinity War

  • Setup standard multi hero story
  • highlight whatever threat the heroes are up against
  • Put together some epic fight sequences
  • Heroes save the world Heroes are divided and conquered


  • Russo brothers research anything thousands of Marvel movies fans have fantasised on countless online forums
  • Somehow write everything fans have wanted to see into one movie
  • Break the mold for comic book movies
  • Heroes kill the bad guy in the first ten minutes of the movie
  • The movie pieces together some pretty good logic time travel theories and go with them
  • Put together an epic battle that will make the Game of Thrones finale look like two kids having a thumb war
  • Gracefully retire your top heroes

The whole thing to me was just so unexpected, for years we’ve been watching comic book movies which have underdelivered for one reason or another and here are two almost perfect movies. I’m not sure what Marvel Studios have planned next but I hope they can maintain the enthusiasm that the Avengers have given fans, the way we have seen them all grow and develop over six plus movies each, it’s not something they can do overnight.

I’d love to know what the big differences between developing a movie like Endgame would be opposed to something like the Justice League. Over the last decade or so Marvel have really added some quality to comic book movies and raised the profile. Making people who haven’t even read the comics but still have an emotional buy in to the characters, it’s an amazing and very difficult thing to develop.

With this movie being called Endgame and giving us a send off to many beloved characters I wonder if this is the end of the top hitters or not. For example we’re left with an aged Captain America but in the same movie see they have the technology to turn Antman into a baby without even trying, Thor is just going off into space after teaming up with the Guardians. Black Widow and Iron man look to be more final goodbyes but saying that there is meant to be a Black Widow solo movie in the works. That leaves just Iron Man, with his sacrifice in the movie it would be harder to bring him back but again with time travel, flash backs, and the fact this is a comic book movie I guess anything is possible. The thing stopping Iron man from returning is probably going to be Robert Downey Jr just wanting to do something else. I personally think Marvel Studios would replace him but it could turn out like Ben Affleck taking over the Batman Cowl from Christian Bale.

Overall Endgame is a masterpiece and has pushed the limits of whats expected from comic book movies.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 25, 2019

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