Avengers 2 title confirmed – Age of Ultron

This years SDCC has been full of comic news with one fo the most important updated being that the 2015 Avengers sequel will be titled “Age of Ultron”.

Written by Marvel legend Brian Michael Bendis who has contributed big stories to most of the modern Marvel characters through the Ultimate universe. Age of Ultron was first printed in March 2013 making it a fairly new story. It’s possbile the comic was written to test the waters and see if they could make a movie based on Ultron.

Ultron first appeared in Avengers #54 (1968) and had recently been reinvented with an origin in which Hank Pym helped create him. This makes him a perfect villain for the Avengers as the hard core comic fans will be happy he is a seasoned villain with decades of action and at the same time a new villain on the block.

The second Avengers movie looks like it will be used to fill the gap in the trillogy in the way it’s not going to be a game changer and border line a filler. It looks like it will be used to introduce a few new characters to the Avengers universe and help push a few spin off movie franches.

By 2015 we will all be well versed in the origins of all the current Avengers and have a few new ones in the mix including Hank Pym. They will all be well grounded and it will give Joss Whedon the opertunity to focus a whole film on epic action scenes not needing to worry about if the audience knows about Captain America’s WWII origin or why Hawk Eye is so laim.

Early reports looked like the Avengers sequel would be based on “Rise of the Panther” which was made into the Ultimate Avengers 2 cartoon, it made sence since the first Avengers movie was pretty much based on the first ultimate Avengers cartoon. Now it looks like the Rise of the Panther movie will some how be released as a short movie to be released before Avengers 2.

For those still wondering if we will see anything from that post credits scene from the Avengers movie which featured Thanos it looks like he will be in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 21, 2013


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