Unused Civil War concept art shows epic scene

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Disney have done an amazing job of developing the Marvel movies by putting a lot of development behind them before they even start filming. They also have an amazing team of concept artists creating mocks for visuals, most of which don’t even make it into the movies.

There has been a lot of epic scenes which never made it past the concept art stage, much like the original Extremis Iron Man armor which would have just materialised out of Tony Starks bones. In fact most of the epic unused concept art revolved around Iron Man.

This latest piece of concept art comes from Andy Park the Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor/Concept Artist who has worked on most of the movies. This scene would have changed that airport stand off dramatically showing Vision to be a major power int he team.

And now a moment that didn’t make it into the movie. But I had fun illustrating this “would’ve been a powerful moment” keyframe for Captain America Civil War

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 26, 2018

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