Some times awesome graphic novels and comic’s get a movie incarnation, be it a huge Hollywood movie to being an awesome zero budget fan movie.

Either way we all love to see those characters spring out of the pages in comic book movies. In recent years we have seen some amazing movies based on comics from Watchmen to Iron man, we have all the latest news from around the web.

Comic Book Movies

Transformers 3 Trailer

The official Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Trailer has been released, watch the full HD version. This is the first trailer and is probably just more of a teaser.

CGI Superman costume

The first concept art of the new Superman costume in CGI has been leaked, it’s probably not the final design but it is the first look of the new Superman reboot.

Parallax image from Green Lantern movie

More evidence that the Parallax may be in the new Green Lantern movie.

First image of New Judge Dredd

The first shot of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd has been released, it looks like it has everything the first movie should have had.

Official HD Green Lantern Trailer

The official Green Lantern Trailer has been released in HD, Wow it looks amazing.

Iron Man redesign planned for Avengers movie

Iron Man has already had a few new suits through the Iron Man movies. And the Avengers will be no different. Marvel have brought back Adi Granov for concept art.

Judge Dredd Movie

The Judge Dredd reboot started filming yesterday and with all the information surrounding the reboot it already looks amazing.

Green Lantern ET Footage

Watch the first footage of Green Lantern from Entertainment Tonight. Ryan Reynolds as the GL may actually work.

The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s third batman film finally gets a title, but still no villain news.

Spider-man reboot villain is Rhys Ifans

Casting update for the 2012 Spider-man reboot. The movies main villain is cast as Rhys Ifans but it’s still unknown who he will play.

Transformers 3 Title and Poster

Transformers 3 update: It has a title and a poster to go with Michael Bays last Transformers movie

Deadpool Movie script leaked

Is the Deadpool movie still in the cards, well apparently yes with a possible no. A script has been leaked on the net but it may be an early draft.

Green Lantern Landscape concept art

Green Lantern is out next year and could very well be one of the biggest comic book movies so far. Here we have some more leaked concept art featuring some space landscapes.

Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy in Spider-man

An official Sony press release has confirmed that Emma Stone (Zombieland) will be the new Gwen Stacy.

Thor pictures from Empire Magazine

Pictures of from the Thor movie thanks to this months Empire Magazine.

Movies DC comics should make

DC comics must have one of the most awesome and creative list of characters to make movies with yet they made a Jonah Hex movie! Here are a fee movie ideas they could have gone with.

Chris Evans on set in Manchester pictures

Finally some real pictures of Chris Evans on the Manchester Captain America set.

Captain America Manchester cars and explosion

Anther update on the Manchester Captain America set. Rumours on the cast and news on the scene.

Captain America starts filming in Manchester

Today’s pictures from the Captain America set in Manchester.The road is now closed off to cars and pedestrians but you can finally see it all coming together.

Manchester Captain America set pictures part 3

Another update on the Captain America film set in Manchester, not only more shop front development but also some shop inners. Including what looks like a comic book shop.

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