Prometheus Review

When Ridley Scott announced he would be returning to the Aliens franchise to make a prequel it excited fans of the Aliens movies from around the world. The Aliens movies started out by setting new heights in the Sci-fi/Horror genre but the later movies almost killed the franchise forever.

Prometheus really brings the epic story back to its roots. This is the movie all the previous Aliens movies aspired to be. Almost like all the others were prototypes and this one takes all the best bits and forms the greatest Sci-fi horror movie ever made.

If we go back to when the first poster was released and the basic synopsis was announced.

Explorers discover a map to the source of the origins of mankind on Earth. Leading them to the darkest corners of the universe to find the Architects. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the story. That and it’s a terrifying journey through one of the most open ended movies in history.

Moving onto the Space Jockey. A character from the original aliens movie. We know these guys invented the original Alien but why and what happened to them are questions we get answered in the movie. Without giving too much away the gas mask type face is actually a space suit from a terraforming scientific race. They are called Architects and are responsible for creating intelligent life on Earth and numerous other planets.

The movie uses the Architects and and Android called David played by Michael Fassbender to question humanity. The architects created us as our gods, humans created androids and to each creator we feel we have the power to not only create life but to destroy it.

It’s a movie about points of view, we all do what we can to survive and if that means killing another species then fare play.

The movie shows it doesn’t matter if your the created or the creator everyone fights to survive and nobody has a better survival instinct as Elizabeth Shaw who’s played by Noomi Rapace. Some of the things Elizabeth Shaw the scientist who first discovered the Architects does to survive makes that guy who cut off his own hand in a climbing accident look like he got off lucky.

Onto the Aliens, throughout the movies development they managed to keep the appearance of Aliens under wraps pretty well. That’s mainly because this is the origins of them. We don’t actually see any traditional Aliens in the movie till the pre credits scene. That’s not to say we don’t see generically modified acid spitting mutants. If you have a phobia of snakes you will have an extra awesome surprise in this movie.

Special effects wise the movie is flawless. We see some of the most epic space ships, sets and alien attacks to have ever graced the silver screen. I’ve only seen the movie in 2D but I’d be very happy to see it again in 3D or even better in an IMAX experience. I’d hate to be releasing another science fiction movie this year just because this movie is almost flawless and delivers everything you would want. Even with the Avengers and Batman out this year I think Prometheus could be the movie of the year.

Cast wise the movie is like an atom bomb, it’s a small cast as we only follow a ship of scientists but each and everyone has a big part to play in the story. You won’t see any cameos or extras in the movie. Everyone has an entwined part to play in the movie which makes a really immersive experience and makes you feel for each of the imminent deaths.

The only complaints I’d have about the movie is we don’t see enough of Charlize Theron, shes in the movie plenty but we just don’t see enough of her…

Another would be that if you are a person who watches a movie for the journey and doesn’t care about the end you will be fine. If you hate the open ending which leaves the opportunity for a sequel you may me disappointed in the movie a little.

The future of the movie franchise is probably going to be all about a sequel to Prometheus, so far nothing has been confirmed and Ridley Scott seems to be tied up with Blade Runner prequels. I’d really like to see a sequel in the next 18 – 24 months but at the moment it looks unlikely.

Overall it’s an amazing movie and a total must see. It’s an instant classic which will be talked about for generations I just hope that the quality continues and the Aliens movie franchises doesn’t end up with another Aliens Resurrection again ten years down the line.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 2, 2012


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