First Picture of 2013 Robocop ED-209

Since the upcoming 2013 Robocop movie was announced we haven’t seen much in terms of concept art or test footage which for a normal film would be ok, but with films which are heavey CGI the studio usually like to test the water with fans.

The first footage of ED-209 also comes with an unmanned OCP plane thanks to the latest viral campaign on Both robotic police units seems to be ex military and are now used on the streets of Detroit.

CGI wise they both look fairly rough round the edges, they would have been awesome a few years ago but one thing we have learned from Transformers is silver spikes and guns don’t always work as audiences seem to favor more organic deisgns.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 9, 2012


Rebocop 2014 Review

Robocop is the latest cult classic to get a remake and compared to others it’s not too bad. It may not be for hard core classic Robocop fans but for those fans open to reinvention is an awesome movie.

2027 Consumer Electronics Show Robocop presentation

This is the latest viral for robotcop has just been released as a presentaion for Omnicorp at the 2027 Consumer Electronics Show. It doesn’t give away any new movie footage but does help set the scene for the movie.

Robocop 2014 release date

The world wide release dates for the 2014 Robocop remake have been released with Hong Kong being the first place you can watch the movie in January with Europe and America to follow in February.

2014 Robocop trailer

The 2014 reboot of Robocop finally has an official trailer after several delays and it looks amazing. It’s great to see a reboot of such an iconic character done well.

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