Mainly for the classic characters from DC¬†and Marvel the mainstream comics section here to celebrate the pioneers of the comic book industry which have survived dozens of incarnations and imminent apocalypses’.

Although the line between indie comics and mainstream comics is fairly thin with so many new comic book publishers coming up at the moment but we hope to give them all a fair looking over.

Soon we will be featuring some reviews of a few real classics from the Dark Knight and Superman.

Superior Spider-man volume 2 : A Troubled Mind

The second epic volume of Superior Spider-man and we say goodbye to Peter Parker for one last time while Doctor Octavius meets the Avengers.

Superior Spider-man volume 1 – My Own Worst Enemy

A review of Superior Spider-man volume 1 – My Own Worst Enemy. Following on from the last issue of the Amazing Spider-Man where Otto Octavius stole Peter Parkers body to become the Superior Spider-man

Bearlands #3 by Subversive comics – Jeremy Biggs and Bakki

Fresh off the press one of the best indie comics in England at the moment. Bearlands #3 continues a story about a lone bear fighting his way accross an apocolyptic zombie infested nightmare world of terror and teddy bears.

Attack on Titan | Shingeki no Kyojin Review

Attack on Titan also known as Shingeki no Kyojin is one of the best mangas in print at the moment. It’s a great story with some epic twists and an ever expanding world within a wall.

Elephantmen volume 6 Earthly Desires

Nearing the 50th issue of Image comics Elephantmen we have volume 6 Earthly Desires by Richard Starkings.

Elephantmen Volume 5 review – Devilish Functions Review

A review of Elephantmen volume 5 – Devilish Functions by Richard Starkings. It’s redefining the Sci-fi genre with some relatable mutant monsters of war.

Gantz coming to an end with chapter 383

One of the most popular mangas world wide will be comign to an end this month with Gantz chapter 383 which will be released on 20th june in Japan.

Bearlands #2 Review

A review of the long awaited Bearlands #2 from Subversive Comics. Biggs and Bakki return to the epic post apocalyptic story about one bear and his quest for survival in world full of Zombears

A list of comics from Free Comic Book Day 2013

Free comic book day 2013 is on May 4th and has some amazing comics listed in both the Gold and Silver selections. This year they have included books like Dragon Ball and the Walking Dead.

Metal Made Flesh #3 by Subversive Comics

Another epic by Subversive comics and one of the best sci-fi comics I’ve read. Metal Made Flesh is a three part series leading onto another series called Hunters. It starts with Issue 3 a comic about an assassin who transfers his brain into a child

The Top 100 Graphic Novels of 2012

With Diamond publishing the top 100 Graphic Novels of 2012 we have the full list and it shows just how much of an impact some of the smaller publishers made on sales last year.

Allan Linder’s – Prisoner of the Mind Review

Prisoner of the Mind is a neo-noir thriller set in the near future of New York. Combing some amazing artwork which tells a hundred stories itself Allan Linder’s book is a must read for comic fans.

Spider-man #700 Review

The Amazing Spider-man ended at issue #700 but where one door closes another opens for the Superior Spider-man. But was it the last issue of the Amazing Spider-man that Peter Parker deserved.

Bearlands #1 Review

Indie comic of the year, Bearlands #1 brings us a world of a harsh reality where everyone fights to survive and nobody trusts anyone, also its full of talking bears.

Action comics #0 Review

The DCnU has gone through a full year and has just launched its #0 month. Reviewing Action Comics #0 and what DC are doing with the biggest comic publisher in history.

DCnU issue #0 origins for September

This September DC comics will be releasing a whole month of issue #0s to cover origins of the new icons of DC comics.

Hit-Girl #1

An unlikely mega success as Kick-ass spin off Hit-Girl sells out of almost two printings within a month of being released. Read about Mindy as she fights crime during the night and tries to fit into school during the day.

DC New 52 Graphic Novels

The DC 52 Graphic novels have started to ship and are already selling out as fast as the comics did. Here’s a full list of TPBs and price comparison.

Marvel AR the Free Mobile App

The Marvel AR app is the most innovative contributions to modern comics since they introduced photoshop and digital comics. See Hidden and extra content with the latest Marvel comics.

Elephantmen #38 Review

Comic of the month as Elephantmen #38 is released and it’s Razorback vs Agent Blackthorne one will live and one will fall. Another Amazing issue from Image comics.

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