A list of comics from Free Comic Book Day 2013

The busiest day of the year for local comic book shops is coming on May 4th as Free Comic Book Day 2013 will be here. It includes an awesome selection of comics this year which will be available in all good local comic book shops all over the world.

There are some great offerings this year across the board, DC comics has a Superman Special Edition, Marvel have one called Infinity, Image comics has a Walking Dead issue and Viz have the first chapter of Dragon Ball to name just a few.

It’s great that so many comic shops join in on Free Comic Book Day and its good to remember to play fare. Only take one copy of each issue you want, and try to buy something from the shop too to say thanks for setting it all up. It’s not compulsory for comic shops to join in, they just do it to say thanks for buying comics all year.

2013 Gold Books

2013 Silver Books

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 14, 2013


Oxygen by Andrew Wildman – comic review

Oxygen is a new creator owned indie comic by artist/writer and movie/TV storyboard artist Andrew Wildman. It debuted this at this years online Thought Bubble convention and is available online.

Getter Robo Devolution volume 1 review

A brief review of Getter Robo Devolution published by Seven Seas Entertainment based on the classic super robot story by Go Nagai

A History of Violence Review

A review of John Wagner and Vince Locke’s A History of Violence. A story probable more well known as a movie but it started off as this amazing graphic novel.

Tiny Overlord by Jess Bradley

Tiny Overlord from Jess Bradley, one of the indie books I picked up from the last Thought Bubble Convention, a realist’s view on parenting.

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