DC New 52 Graphic Novels

It’s already changed the landscape of DC comics forever. The DC universe reboot has been taken with mixed views by some fans but the sales on comics for the first eight months doesn’t lie. DC have made a huge increase in sales from fans buying variations and reprints of the new DC 52 titles.

Most comics book shops will have a decent selection of the DC 52 TPBs by now but many have already sold out with the obvious Batman and Justice League being the most popular. If you’re buying online take a look at Graphic-Novel.nets New 52 price comparison which will help track down the first printing of what could be the most collectable TPBs for the next hundred years.

Full list of DC 52 Graphic Novel Releases








Posted by Adi Mursec on May 13, 2012


Action comics #0 Review

The DCnU has gone through a full year and has just launched its #0 month. Reviewing Action Comics #0 and what DC are doing with the biggest comic publisher in history.

DCnU issue #0 origins for September

This September DC comics will be releasing a whole month of issue #0s to cover origins of the new icons of DC comics.

DCnU Brings Back Power Girl and Earth 2

DC a super serious about making the DCnU survive, out with the old and in with the new decisions after just 4 issues. six have been canceled and six have been added to the roster.

Red Hood and the Outsiders from the DC 52

The DCnU has brought us another amazing new series in Red Hood and the Outsiders. It’s reinvented some of the best and most underused characters in the DC Universe.

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