Mainly for the classic characters from DC¬†and Marvel the mainstream comics section here to celebrate the pioneers of the comic book industry which have survived dozens of incarnations and imminent apocalypses’.

Although the line between indie comics and mainstream comics is fairly thin with so many new comic book publishers coming up at the moment but we hope to give them all a fair looking over.

Soon we will be featuring some reviews of a few real classics from the Dark Knight and Superman.


Frank Millers Holy Terror Review

Even with a pile of comics from the last week of the DC reboot in hand The first on the reading list had to be Frank Millers Holy Terror. Once an epic Batman story now something entirely new with the Fixer.

Red Hood and the Outsiders from the DC 52

The DCnU has brought us another amazing new series in Red Hood and the Outsiders. It’s reinvented some of the best and most underused characters in the DC Universe.

Batman #1 DCnU

Probably the most defining comic icon of the last few generations Batman starts his adventure from issue one this month. Part of the New 52 Batman #1

Catwoman #1 DCnU Reboot

One of the most sexually controversial comics since Superman and Big Barda made that movie. Catwoman #1 from the DC Reboot is defiantly one for the adult reader.

DC Reboot Supergirl #1

Another of DC Comics icons has been rebooted in the big DCnU of 2011. Supergirl crash lands to earth but where has she landed.

DCnU Superboy #1

The new DC reboot for some hasn’t changed much but Superboy is one of the few who has been reinvented. Thought to be a failed genetic experiment from a cross between human and alien DNA.

DCnU Suicide Squad #1

So far the DC reboot has been a mixed bunch. Suicide Squad is the perfect example of how the reboot can be used to the full. It’s a total reinvention of all the other incarnations and kicks off with an epic first issue.

Batwing Issue #1 DCnU Review

Not sure if this really counts towards the DCnU since it’s a spin off from Grant Morrisons Batman Inc from last year. But it is well worth a read, take a look at the full spoiler-full review.

Swamp Thing DCnU First Issue Review

An old time fan favorite Swamp Thing is a survivor both in the pages and on the shelves. How will the new reboot from DCnU measure upto the classic tales of the Swamp.

Action Comics #1 Review DCnU

If you told me a year ago I would own a copy of Action Comics #1 I’d have maybe laughed but here I am with a review from the DCnU line up.

Animal Man #1 DCnU First Issue Review

One of my most anticipated comics of the DC reboot. Animal Man #1 is out this week and it’s a total must buy comic if you liked the Grant Morrison run and one reason why the DC reboot was an amazing idea.

DCnU Justice League #1 Review

Fashionably late a Justice League #1 review. The aftermath and its too late for Johns and Lee to turn back now.

Kick Ass 2 issue 3 Review

Kick-Ass 2 issue 3 has just come out after a fairly long but well worth the wait. One of Mark Millars creator owned comics shows off the best of his twisted ideas.

September Releases for DC Comics

Probably the busiest month for comics and especially DC for a long time. As 52 titles get rebooted find out exactly when each new issues will be released.

2011 Harvey Awards Winners Announced

The 2011 Harvey awards were announced this Saturday at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Its the most respected award in the comic industry and highlight some amazing talent.

Last Issue of Batman – #713

With Septembers DC reboot in full swing DC are releasing the final issue of the current run of Batman with issue #713.

Holy Terror

With the DC reboot you might think September couldn’t get any better. That was will Legendary Comics announced Holy Terror would be release in the same month too.


In much need of it’s section in the Super Robot Mayhem Comics hall of fame Elephantmen is a must read for those of us who love Sci-fi mutants and ho chicks which are rolled into the 30 or so pages of Elephantmen each month.

Justice League Costume Reboot

Jim Lee’s new Justice League has been leaked on-line in full new costume glory. A modern take on the 70 year old costumes we have loved for generations.

DC Comics September – 52 #1s list

The biggest month in comic history is coming in September. The whole DC universe will reboot kicking off with 52 issues #1s from Superman to Wonder Woman.

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