Mainly for the classic characters from DC¬†and Marvel the mainstream comics section here to celebrate the pioneers of the comic book industry which have survived dozens of incarnations and imminent apocalypses’.

Although the line between indie comics and mainstream comics is fairly thin with so many new comic book publishers coming up at the moment but we hope to give them all a fair looking over.

Soon we will be featuring some reviews of a few real classics from the Dark Knight and Superman.

Executive Assistant Iris: Enemies Among Us #1

Executive Assistant Iris: Enemies Among Us #1 features two stories, one written by Vince Hernandez, with pencils by Randy Green, and the second written by David Wohl, with art by Giuseppe Cafaro, and colors for both by Wes Hartman.

The first Japanese and Chinese digital comic book lettering font

Comicraft have started a Kickstarter to create the first ever digital comic book font designed just for for Japanese and Chinese comics.

Metal Made Flesh – Vengeance on Kickstarter

Vengeance is the third in the Metal Made Flesh series and set to smash goal on Kickstarter after raising over 8k in just three days.

Elephantmen #73

A review of Elephantmen #73 by Richard Starkings, Axel Madellin with a cover by Boo Cook.

AT&T buys Time Warner / DC Comics

Communications giant AT&T has put a bid in to buy Time Warner for a massive $85.4 Billion and the deal is set to complete in 2017

He-Man/Thundercats #1 review

A review of He-man/Thundercats. The cross over even kids of the 80’s have been waiting 30 years for.

Milo Manara draws Harley Quinn

He’s one of the most controversial comic artists in the industry and now he’s taken on one of the most controversial characters as Milo Manara draws his version of Harley Quinn.

Prog #2000 the perfect 2000AD jump on issue

The monumental 2000th issue of 2000AD has been released and it’s the ultimate collectors item and a tribute to British comics.

IDW’s biggest event: Revolution starts in September

IDW have put together the greatest cross over series we’ve seen with Transformers, Rom, G.i. Joe, Action Man, Micronauts and M.A.S.K coming this September

New Super-Man #1 review

The origin of Kong Kenan, the boy who becomes the first Superman made in China. A review of New Super-man written by Eisner Award winner Gene Luen Yang

Aspen Comics Harley Quinn #1 Exclusive cover

Aspen Comics are releasing another Michael Turner unused cover this time for Harley Quinn Rebirth #1. This issue comes in the usual black and white / color variants along with a super rare Suicide Squad cover.

Justice League #1 Michael Turner Exclusive Cover

Michael Turner graces the cover of Justice League with a beautiful previously unseen cover which will be used as an Aspen Store exclusive.

Michael Turner Amazing Spider-man #15 limited edition cover

Aspen Comics are teaming up with Marvel to release an exclusive cover for Spider-man #15 based on a previously unseen Michael Turner exclusive.

Aspen comics team up with DC for a series of Rebirth Variants

Aspen comics are teaming up with DC for a series of Rebirth Variants starting with a cover from Michael Turner for Batman Rebirth

DC Universe Rebirth – What have they done

Was DC Universe Rebirth really what DC comics needs to tidy up the continuity errors or has it just created more.

Is DC Universe Rebirth #1 the must read comic this year

DC Comics Universe Rebirth #1 could be the cheapest way to get Geoff Johns autograph as he has said he will refund each issue if you don’t like it and send it back.

Frank Miller’s DKIII Robin becomes Batgirl

DC shows off the first image of Carrie Kelley in the new Batgirl costume which will feature on the cover of DKIII #6 later on this year.

Metal Made Flesh – The Final Piece of Me review

A review of the long awaited Metal Made Flesh volume two pt1. This is the first time we have seen the cyborg assassin Izobel Vice in full sequential comics illustrated by the great Gary Erskine.

Milo Manara draws Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Milo Manara draws Daenerys from Game of Thrones to mark the start of season 6 this year. Hopefully it wont cause as much controversy as the Spider-Woman cover he did last year.

Mark Millar’s Empress #1 review

A review of Empress by Mark Millar which follows a desperate mother as she escapes the most evil dictator in the galaxy.

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