Mainly for the classic characters from DC¬†and Marvel the mainstream comics section here to celebrate the pioneers of the comic book industry which have survived dozens of incarnations and imminent apocalypses’.

Although the line between indie comics and mainstream comics is fairly thin with so many new comic book publishers coming up at the moment but we hope to give them all a fair looking over.

Soon we will be featuring some reviews of a few real classics from the Dark Knight and Superman.

True blood comic from IDW

From Book to HBO TV show and to Comic. True blood is coming to a comic book store near you this July thanks to IDW.

Kick Ass comic review

Watched the movie, read the comic. I remember when it was the other way around but Wanted did away with that. An unbiased review of the comic with comparison to the movie.

Sandman volume 1 – Preludes and Nocturnes

The Sandman – Preludes and Nocturnes managed to escape me for years till I decided to see what the fuss was about. It’s a total classic which any comic book fan could get into.

The return of Bruce Wayne part 1 of 6

Bruce Wayne is back from the dead and fighting his way through time in part 1 of The Return of Bruce Wayne

Black Snake Studio’s RIP and Marketing tips

RIP is an indie comic which is currently being published by Black Snake Studios, It has vampires and a pretty cool marketing strategy for getting indie comics seen.

Walking Dead

Zombie the feel good genre of comics. Walking Dead is the ultimate zombie survival guide and here’s why.

Dark Knight : Boy Wonder

Frank Miller and Jim Lee are going to continue the work they started with the Dark Knight. All Star Batman and Robin will become Dark Knight : Boy Wonder

Frank Miller’s Ronin review

Frank Miller’s Ronin was first published over 25 years ago and in still in wide circulation, its an epic sci-fi drama about a 21st century part bio-mechanical cyborg samurai.

Batman – The Return of Bruce Wayne

Well he couldn’t stay dead forever, Bruce Wayne is back from the dead to reclaim alter ego Batman.

Big June coming for DC comics

This coming June will celebrate a few big milestones for DC comics, not only will we see Batman #700 on the shelves but also Superman #700 and Wonder Woman #600

Top comic sales of 2009

Diamond comics have published the best comics, publishers and graphic novels based on sales from 2009. Here is the run down from Spider-man to the Watchmen.

Mister Miracle’s worst day ever

With over 70 years of comics behind him Superman has had some great story’s and some pretty unique encounters, none as unique as this issue of action comics.


Our first webcomic “Manmachine” is from “Epic Drawn Comics” and is definitely worth a look. It has an original story with some amazing first class art work which has the wow factor.

Whatever happened to the world’s fastest man

Returning from Thought Bubble I have whole stack of new comics and graphic novels to get through, here’s the first from Accent Comics – What ever happened to the world’s fastest man from Accent UK by Dave West and Markeeb Lowe

The stuff of legends

Th3rd world studios brings us the first installment of the stuff of legend. A group of toys venture to save a boy from the dark shadows and a legion of fogotten toys. Maybe the best indie comic of the year. Great artwork, an origional story make this one great book to read.

Superhero Squad Cartoon

The new Marvel/Cartoon Network show based on the Superhero Squad toys. With those super deformed / chibi style characters that toy companies are pushing now, Transformers has Robot Heroes, Starwars has Galactic Heroes and now Marvel has a huge range of Superhero Squad.

Disney buy out Marvel

Out of nowhere the comic online comic community is united on one topic, What are Disney going to do with Marvel?
Disney have in recent years have evolved from just the fairytale castle scene and have branched out into anime ranchises such as Final Fantasy making games like Kingdom Hearts and has not taken ownership of roughly 5000 Marvel charactors.

Umbrella Academy : Continued

The Umbrella academy started as three short stories, Anywhere but here, Safe and sound and Zero Killer. This is a follow up article on last weeks Umbrella Academy feature.

Umbrella Academy

The Dark Horse comic, The Umbrella Academy, written by My Chemical Romances’ Gerard Way, is a story of 47 randomly born babies by women showing no signs of pregnancy.

Spiderman 600

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of spiderman comics but this is one that you just have to pick up. It is a massive 100 plus pages of classic Spiderman. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the other 599 you can easily pick up this story as a one off.

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