The Top 100 Graphic Novels of 2012

Thanks to Diamond the Comic distributors we have the final count of the top selling Graphic Novels of 2012.

These sales differ a lot compared to the top comics as they are the full stories which people have read in comics and loved so much they wanted to have the collected set in graphic novel form. These are the ones people will be talking about in years and have made the biggest impact over the last year for comic fans.

It’s interesting to see how some of the smaller publishers like Image who were until recently though of as an Indie publisher have stolen not just the top place but several of them.

You could put a lot of the success of the Walking Dead down to the TV show but then you also have Fatale, Chew and Saga which are also in the top 10 from Image showing us that you don’t need a movie franchise with toys to sell a comic you just need awesome writers and artists which Image have plenty of at the moment.

The average price of a top 100 graphic novel is just over $20. Something I hope publishers take in account when making TPBs the recent price hikes in comics has put a lot of fans off and I hope at some point they get capped before they push everyone into the digital market.

Although Marvel haven’t featured much in the top of the list they did have the most books in the top 100 list with a total of 31 including Daredevil by Mark Waid which was the best selling TPB for Marvel.

It’s also interesting to see how Green Lantern has beaten Batman and Superman off the top list show how different comic series have fans which prefer to collect the comic releases and some fans like those of the Walking Dead prefer the Graphic Novels.

The list breaks down to.

And the Top 100 Graphic Novels of 2012

Graphic Novel Publisher Price
Walking dead tp vol 01 days gone bye Image $9.99
Walking dead tp vol 02 miles behind us Image $14.99
Chew tp vol 06 space cakes (mr) Image $14.99
Saga tp vol 01 Image $9.99
Fatale tp vol 02 devils business (mr) Image $14.99
Walking dead tp vol 03 safety behind bars Image $14.99
Btvs season 9 tp vol 02 on your own Dark Horse $17.99
Green lantern hc vol 02 revenge of the black hand DC  $24.99
Walking dead tp vol 17 something to fear (mr) Image $14.99
Daredevil by mark waid tp vol 02 Marvel $15.99
Revival tp vol 01 you’re among friends Image $12.99
Green lantern tp vol 01 sinestro (n52) DC  $14.99
Batman incorporated tp DC  $19.99
Walking dead tp vol 04 hearts desire (mr) Image $14.99
Bprd hell on earth tp vol 04 devil engine & long death Dark Horse $19.99
Batman no mans land tp vol 04 new edition DC  $34.99
Carnage usa tp Marvel $19.99
Star wars dawn o/t jedi tp vol 01 force storm Dark Horse $18.99
Ult comics spider-man by bendis tp vol 02 Marvel $19.99
Fury max tp vol 01 my war gone by (mr) Marvel $19.99
Walking dead tp vol 05 best defense Image $14.99
Captain marvel tp vol 01 in pursuit of flight Marvel $14.99
Uncanny x-men by kieron gillen tp vol 02 Marvel $19.99
New avengers by brian michael bendis tp vol 03 Marvel $24.99
Walking dead compendium tp vol 01 (mr) Image $59.99
Yu gi oh zexal gn vol 02 VIZ $9.99
X-o manowar (ongoing) tp vol 01 by the sword Valiant $9.99
Walking dead tp vol 06 sorrowful life (mr) Image $14.99
Avengers x-sanction tp Marvel $19.99
Spider-man trouble on horizon tp Marvel $16.99
Bleach tp vol 52 VIZ $9.99
Moon knight by bendis and maleev tp vol 02 Marvel $19.99
Bleach tp vol 53 VIZ $9.99
Izombie tp vol 04 repossession (mr) DC  $19.99
Walking dead tp vol 16 a larger world (mr) Image $14.99
Incredible hulk by jason aaron tp vol 01 Marvel $24.99
Bleach tp vol 54 VIZ $9.99
Walking dead tp vol 07 the calm before (mr) Image $14.99
Parker the hunter sc IDW $17.99
Batman hc vol 01 the court of owls (n52) DC  $24.99
Justice league international tp vol 02 breakdown DC  $16.99
Captain america by ed brubaker tp vol 02 Marvel $16.99
Invincible iron man tp vol 09 demon Marvel $16.99
Walking dead tp vol 08 made to suffer (mr) Image $14.99
Deadpool dead hc Marvel $39.99
Walking dead compendium tp vol 02 (mr) Image $59.99
Walking dead tp vol 09 here we remain (mr) Image $14.99
Batman hush complete tp DC  $24.99
Muppets tp four seasons Marvel $14.99
Atomic robo real science adv tp Red 5 $13.95
New mutants tp vol 07 fight future Marvel $19.99
Ff by jonathan hickman tp vol 03 Marvel $16.99
Walking dead tp vol 15 we find ourselves (mr) Image $14.99
Adventure time tp vol 01 Boom $14.99
Walking dead tp vol 10 what we become Image $14.99
Avengers mythos tp Marvel $19.99
Grendel omnibus tp vol 02 legacy Dark Horse $24.99
Wolverine and x-men by jason aaron prem hc vol 04 Marvel $19.99
Oh my goddess rtl tp vol 43 Dark Horse $12.99
Batman the killing joke special ed hc DC  $17.99
Walking dead tp vol 11 fear the hunters (mr) Image $14.99
Darksiders ii deaths door hc vol 01 Dark Horse $12.99
Grandville bete noire hc Dark Horse $19.99
Wolverine back in japan tp Marvel $19.99
Superman grounded tp vol 02 DC  $14.99
Btvs season 8 library hc vol 03 Dark Horse $29.99
Kamandi last boy on earth omnibus hc vol 02 DC  $49.99
Walking dead tp vol 12 life among them Image $14.99
Walking dead tp vol 14 no way out (mr) Image $14.99
Walking dead tp vol 13 too far gone (mr) Image $14.99
Judge dredd complete brian bolland hc IDW $49.99
Tales o/t teenage mutant ninja turtles tp vol 01 IDW $19.99
Avengers by brian michael bendis prem hc vol 04 Marvel $24.99
Best of sonic the hedgehog tp vol 01 Archie $14.99
Rocketeer adventures hc vol 02 IDW $24.99
Battle angel alita last order tp vol 16 Random House $10.99
Spider-man danger zone prem hc Marvel $24.99
Judge dredd garth ennis coll tp (mr) Pocket Books $19.99
X-men legacy back to school tp Marvel $16.99
Halo tp fall of reach invasion Marvel $16.99
Invincible iron man prem hc vol 11 future Marvel $24.99
Space punisher tp Marvel $12.99
Mmw golden age captain america hc vol 06 Marvel $74.99
Star wars omnibus clone wars tp vol 03 republic falls Dark Horse $24.99
Eerie presents el cid hc Dark Horse $15.99
Dominique laveau voodoo child tp vol 01 (mr) DC  $14.99
Nge shinji ikari raising project tp vol 12 Dark Horse $9.99
Couriers complete collection tp (mr) Image $24.99
Cursed pirate girl hc vol 01 Archaia $24.95
Think tank tp Image $14.99
Batman earth one hc DC $22.99
Justice league of america omega tp DC  $16.99
Journey into mystery tp vol 04 manchester gods Marvel $14.99
Teenage mutant ninja turtles classics tp vol 03 IDW $19.99
Deadpool kills marvel universe tp Marvel $14.99
Incredible hulk by jason aaron hc vol 02 Marvel $34.99
Mega man tp vol 04 spiritus ex machina Archie $11.99
Space 1999 aftershock & awe Archaia $24.95
Bakuman tp vol 17 VIZ $9.99
Fantastic four by jonathan hickman prem hc vol 06 Marvel $29.99

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 5, 2013


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