Superman logo in the Dark Knight Rises Poster

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It’s a great time of year for the comic book movie fan. We have had a few pretty cool films, Captain America is days away and still to look forward to. We have also just been blessed from the movie gods with the teaser poster and trailer for the Dark Knight Rises.

For a moment I thought I might have to actually pay to see Harry Potter just to see the Dark Knight teaser trailer but it’s already leaked online and we will have a decent copy here in a few days so stay tuned, same robot channel, same robot place.

On to the awesome news. The first official poster has just been released via the official site. At first it just looks like a great concept, the new bat sign is made through the buildings, but if you take a closer look at the buildings on the left you can clearly see the Superman logo.

I had to stare at it really hard at first but it’s there clear as day. Since it was announced that Christopher Nolan would be working on the new Superman reboot it was always a firm rumour that the movie franchises would meet up at some point. This is just one step closer to that Superman/Batman movie fans have wanted for years.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 13, 2011

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