Captain America Trailer 2

When Marvel announced they were going to make an Avengers movie with a series of tie-in movies with each member of the team I thought wow that’s going to be kick-ass, but how are they going to tackle Captain America, he’s not as cool as Iron Man and no where as strong as The Hulk or Thor.

Well they set the movie in the 1940s and over compensated for his lack of “Super” powers replacing them with charisma, and awesome cast, production team and sound track.

My favourite part of the new trailer is where they drive past the alley where he was beaten up. I walk past that road every morning on the way to work and it brings back fond memories of when we got close to the movie filming in Manchester. Other than that the sound track is pretty cool and the movie looks to have the perfect ratio of cheesiness and awesomeness.

This movie could well top Iron Man in the just plain crazy cool charts and I will be seeing it on the opening night for sure.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 24, 2011


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