Dark Knight rises Bane Picture from Viral

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We have seen a few pictures of the Dark Knight Rises filming on location all over the pace at the recently. After the last Batman movie it’s no surprise that Christopher Nolan would be trying to leave the trilogy on a super high.

So far her has reinvented pretty much every character from Batman to The Scarecrow but he has managed to also keep the core essence of what each brings to the table. The Joker was given the darker edge with the scars and more ballsy attitude. Ras Al Ghul was almost a whole separate character from the comics but still had that legendary all seeing attitude.

The Dark Knight Rises will re introduce fans to the Catwoman and Bane along with a young Ras Al Ghul. So far we haven’t seen much of any till a new social media campaign launched giving fans a chance to become part of Bane’s first official picture.

To become part of the full image Twitter users who follow @thefirerises need to tweet including the hash tag #thefirerises. Doing this will at least put you in the firing range of being included in the first official picture of Bane.

To see the giant mosaic go to the official site.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 20, 2011

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