Transformers 3 Trailer in 3D on general release

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If you like Transformers, CGI and 3D cinema it’s your lucky day. Michael Bay is making the most of the technology in Dark of the Moon by filming the whole thing in 3D and High Def. This week will see the release of the 3D trailer in select suitable 3D movies.

The new Trailer features a few extra scenes one of which is Prime flying with his new Jet pack trailer. From the looks of it they have finally caught up with the full potential of modern technology and making the most of the Transformers themselves.

There is still no sign of the Autobot Twins in this movie although the new toys and cars on set may point to them being remade.

There is also news that the Transformers 3 Release Date has been pushed forward in the USA from July 1st to June 29th to bring it in line with most of the Europe release dates.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 22, 2011

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