Justice League Movie News

A recent press release from WB gives us the first solid confirmation they are working on a Justice League movie of Avengers style move epicness.

So far we don’t know how the movie will work in terms of casting or characters as of yet. With Batman’s latest movie franchise coming to an end with The Dark Knight Rises we are left with only Superman on the horizon.

The movie has a well developed screen play by Lethal Weapon 5 writer Will Beall. With the Avengers all having separate origin movies which later tie in it’s going to be a stretch to fit in the core Justice League with origin stories so it looks like we may have a movie similar to the recent comic reboot.

A movie would likely have to assume the fans already know a loose origin for each character with supporting movies to follow shortly after the release to fill in the gaps. Who the villain or villains in the movie would be could be anyone’s guess at the moment.

With Christopher Nolan concluding his Batman trilogy has said he will not have anything to do with Justice League movie although he has contributed to the upcoming Superman movie which may be the first in the new DC comics movie franchise.

Will we see a Green Lantern reboot, who will play the Flash and how long will it take for a new Batman movie to begin filming. All will be answered soon.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 11, 2012

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Superman visits Gotham City

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Jason Momoa cast as Aquaman

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Is Denzel Washington playing Cyborg

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Justice League team line up

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