Final Justice League Trailer in HD looks promising

It’s been a long wait for some of these characters to in on the live action movie scene. In November we will see Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash join up with Batman and Wonder Woman to save the world.

The DC movies have been made for the fans and personally I think they have delivered some amazing comic book movie cinematics which have done what what Watchmen did and brought the comics to life in the best way they can. WB have done a great job of catching up with Marvel in terms of bringing a big superhero cross over franchise and team up movie.

Obviously Batman vs Superman left a lot of people confused as the story and pace seemed a little strange which I’d put down to edits and heading in too many directions. Saying that it gave us some great visuals and served its purpose and setup the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman came out and blew everyone away, as a character I think the most important development in this movie was to learn from past mistakes. Movies like Cat Woman and the cancelled Wonder Woman TV show starring Adrianne Palicki showed not to approach a female lead role. Instead they brought on Patty Jenkins who gave Wonder Woman the respect she needed.

Thanks to WB we have the final Justice League trailer. I think it’s just what a trailer should be, it tells us about the movie without giving away massive amounts of plot. To be honest they didn’t need to try too hard with this one. Anyone who goes to see it would go regardless of seeing the trailer.

What’s interesting is seeing the extra emotion behind this trailer as the characters mourn the loss of Superman. It’s not something I’ve seen in earlier production of the movie. I think it’s something Joss Whedon has added after taking over from BvS director Zack Znyder.


Posted by Adi Mursec on October 8, 2017


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