First look at some epic Justice League footage

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For all those who watched Batman Vs Superman and thought a lot of it didn’t make sense you’re not alone, I loved it and am a big fan of DC but there are still bits which I’m left wondering about. Those questions were intentional, it was a setup for a major movie event, much bigger than what Marvel have been doing for the last ten years or so.

Thanks to the 2016 SDCC and this video, it’s marked as footage, not the first trailer which we’re still waiting for so don’t expect too much. Although this footage sets fans up for an amazing movie. We get the first proper look at Aquaman which I was sceptical about but now I’m just excited. The Flash also looks amazing, it’s a very different Barry Allen to the one we know from the TV show but I think it works. It looks like he’s the comic relief in the movie which after BvS it looks like Warner Bros want to go down a less dark route.

Seeing how the footage flows it shows us just how much work has gone into the architecture of the Justice League movies. The started off with Superman, then killed him off to give room for Batman to step in, without a break from Superman for a movie or so we as an audience are always  going to be left thinking, why didn’t Superman just do everything.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 23, 2016

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