Justice League movie being written by David S. Goyer

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For someone who started writing comic book movies in 1998 with David Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury : Agent of Shield David S. Goyer has done very well for himself by penning some of the most successful comic book movie adaptations in the last twenty years.

With the predicted massive success of the Man of Steel movie David S. Goyer has been drafted in again my Warner Bros to write the screen play for a sequel which will be shortly followed by a Justice League movie.

It’s great news for all DC fans. David S. Goyer wrote Blade, the recent Batman movies and Ghost Rider (which we can forgive). Being the writer behind the Dark Knight movies means they will probably tie in together and make an amazing back to back movie marathon one day.

It’s also good to see Warner Bros taking its time with the team up movie. If one thing ruined the Avengers movie it would have to be the rush with including Captain America and Thor. Thor was trapped in Asgard and Captain America only woke up from sixty years in ice a week earlier. Both needed a sequel before the Avengers movie to evolve which left Ironman having to carry the movie. By making a Superman sequel first we can give the new movie franchise time to root.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 11, 2013

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