Has Willem Dafoe been cast as the Joker?

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It’s been a long running fan theory that Dafoe would be the best ever Joker. Many people have photoshopped Willem Dafoe into looking like the Joker and to be honest it doesn’t take much work. He’s get the perfect face and screen presence for the Joker but has yet to be cast as the prince of crime.

That is until now… I think. Nothing has been confirmed other than Willem Dafoe has been cast in the upcoming Justice League movie as a yet unspecified role. Which doesn’t sound like much evidence so far but there are a few screaming hints at this.

Zack Snyder so far has made the most expensive fan movie ever. Batman vs Superman for me was amazing as it give us everything we wanted from the first team up movie. Seeing Willem Dafoe as the Joker is another one of those long time shared things fans have called out for. Could they have done it again to just give fans what they want.

The fact nobody has revealed who Willem Dafoe is a mystery on it’s own. Whenever someone else has been cast for the movie it has been announced straight away who they will play. Not this time though, someone wants to keep it a secret, possibly to avoid spoilers until at least Suicide Squad comes out.

In Batman Vs Superman there was a scene where Bruce Wayne was staring at Robins costume, it looked like he has been killed Jason Todd style. Likely killed by the Joker in the same fashion.

Jared Leto is Robin

One fan theory that went around last year was that Jared Leto’s Joker was once Robin. It’s not the weirdest theory because in the 2000 Animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Tim Drake who was once Batman’s sidekick is captured by the Joker, tortured and brainwashed into becoming a future Joker. In the animated movie there is more technology and genetics behind the transformation but for the movie it could be more of a psychological breakdown.

That theory sounded a bit long winded when it first surfaced but then in BvS we hear Bruce Wayne say something to Alfred along the lines of “How many good people have we had in Gotham, and how many of them stayed like that…”

For the Tim Drake scenario we need another Joker. One who is older and much more devious and sinister. Someone who is older than Ben Affleck as it would allow the possibility of a younger but not too young Joker Jr who would still be a good rival for Batman, someone Jared Leto’s age.

There is also the fact that Batflek isn’t the Christian Bale Dark Knight. This guy doesn’t mind killing dangerous bad guys like the Joker. why is the Joker still in Arkham. unless Bruce want’s him to be taken care of.

Until WB confirm who Willem Defoe is going to play in the Justice League movies there looks to be more evidence for there being two Jokers cast in the movie than against.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 22, 2016

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