Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition details

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It was maybe the most anticipated movie for the last twenty years or so and when finally released Batman Vs Superman didn’t live up to the hype it had built up. Personally I really liked the movie but will admit it could have been better.

At one point during production it was rumored to be too long and was going to be split into two movies. This was later debunked but probably would have been a good ideas as they had more than enough material to make a trilogy out of the story.

WB and Zack Snyder have a plan to make up for it. The movie is being released with 30 minutes extra material in the Dawn of Justice Ultimate edition. This cut of the movie is 182 minutes / 3 hours long. It’s said to expand on the story a little and explain thing in more detail instead of rushing through parts of the story.

Out of all the movies to buy for home release I think this is the most wanted for this year mainly because if you liked the movie you will probably love this. Also if you didn’t like the movie or didn’t understand parts the extra scenes might clear it up. The ultimate edition is going to be much closer to the original idea of the movie. It’s rated R like Deadpool so should pull a few less punches too.

The release date varies country to country but will start being released on 19th July 2016 and be in most places by August.

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Special features for the Ultimate Edition include

  • Uniting the World’s Finest – Glimpse the future of DC’s bold new cinematic superheroes
  • Gods and Men: A Meeting of Giants – Become a witness to history as you discover how everything in Batman and Superman’s pasts have been leading up to this ultimate, epic showdown
  • The Warrior, The Myth, The Wonder – Explore the origin, evolution and powerful impact on popular culture by the legendary Amazonian Wonder Woman
  • Accelerating Design: The New Batmobile – Batman’s newest ride is sleek, tough, loud, and fast as hell. Host Sal Masekela goes under the hood of the celebrated vehicle, then puts rubber to the road
  • Superman: Complexity & Truth – Experience the transformation as Henry Cavill goes from earnest journalist in glasses and tweeds to a powerful godlike being in a streamlined caped costume
  • Batman: Austerity & Rage – From cape to cowl and from rugged body armor to carefully-tailored suits, Batman’s outer gear perfectly camouflages and expresses the fury that simmers within
  • Wonder Woman: Grace & Power – From her gladiator-influenced costume to her shield and sword, she is the mortal incarnation of a warrior goddess
  • Batcave: Legacy of the Lair – Nature and technology exist side by side in Batman’s breath-taking and modernistic subterranean digs
  • The Might and the Power of a Punch – A dynamic and illustrative look at the power, physics and fascinating details that make the battle between Batman and Superman so formidable
  • The Empire of Luthor – Dive deeper into the inception of an entirely new interpretation of Lex Luthor, including an examination of his storied history in the comics
  •  Save the Bats – Learn how the cast and crew gave back to the environment and brought awareness to a very real ecological problem

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 19, 2016

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