Has Jaimie Alexander been cast as the Justice League Wonder Woman

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With Batman vs Superman being filmed we still haven’t have concrete information on who will be playing the Justice League Wonder Woman. She has been one of the hardest characters to get right over the recent years and after a failed TV show it was unlikely we would see her cross over into Arrow any time soon.

Jaimie Alexander has said a few times int he last few years she would like to play Wonder Woman even if it was just to show how a strong female superhero can be played in modern cinema.

At a Recent Stan Lee Comikaze Expo Jamie said she was in talks with WB on playing a role in the new Batman vs Superman movie. One theory is she will be playing Batman’s new girl friend who in the movie-verse could be Wonder Woman.

If they were playing it close to the comics Wonder Woman would have been a good match up for Superman but with them going down the Clark and Lois route it looks unlikely.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 2, 2013

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