Leaked Ant Man trailer

Antman is one of the biggest members of Marvels Ultiumate Avenges but has yet to make an appearence in the movies. Coming 2015 Marvel Stuios will be connecting him into the movieuniverse. Thanks to a 50 second clip shown to a few fans we have some screen shots of the leaked trailer which has been removed from numerous sites as requested by Disney.

Although its just 50 seconds of test footage it teases a lot about the upcoming movie. Firstly he seems to be trying to escape a secure building being guarded by SHIELD agents. They might be generic bad guys but it looks like he is fighting SHIELD in the clip.

The suit also seems to cover Antman‘s whole body and doesn’t even show his face. It’s a cool costume which partly looks like an Ironman helmet with some pipes glued on the side.

He also seems to have super strength when wearing the suit, he shrinks and can jump over people, run fast and throw people around. Far more than just shrinking powers.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 20, 2013


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