Judge Dredd movie props go up for auction on Ebay

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If owning the DVD wasn’t enough for the Dredd Heads out there you now have a chance to get your hands on real props from the Dredd movie.

The auction has started and will run for a week on the first batch of props on a special eBay auction. Props from the movie range from photos to complete Judge Dredd suits.

After only a few hours some of the props have reached prices of over £5000 and had more than 32 bids so after seven days I can only imagine what the final prices will be.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything warn by Olivia Thirlby as I expect her costume would have gone for an super high price. Lets hope they are saving it for the sequel.

The probs are available for anyone to bid on as long as you have an eBay account, All the items are being sold by Prop Store’s eBay shop which you can find on the link below

Or visit Judge Dredd Props Auction

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 28, 2013

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