Captain America gets new girl friend as Emily VanCamp joins the cast

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After sixty or so years Captain America has moved on from his previous love Peggy Carter as Emily VanCamp has signed to play the female lead in Winder Soldier.

The news that Emily VanCamp has joined the Winter Solder project almost completes casting before they start shooting. Emily VanCamp (Revenge, The Ring 2, Everwood) who has been cast is beleived to be playing Agent Sharon Carter who was the niece of Peggy Carter and be a SHIELD agent.

Having some movie experience but mainly worked on TV projects she would be perfect to join an agent of SHIELD as she has both TV and movie experience. For Marvel it will be very important to join up the upcoming TV series to the movies to ensure the success of Joss Whedons new show.

Although SHIELD will be a must watch for most of us we can’t forget that the genius that Joss Whedon is he hasn’t had a lot of luck recently with TV shows. Firefly was amazing but didn’t make it far beyond the first series and Doll House slowly dropped off after a few seasons. For SHIELD to work Marvel will be pushing for the epic 10 seasons atleast to make sure it keeps up with phase two and three of the Marvel movieverse.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 2, 2013

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