Akira concept art featuring Kanedas bike

Another piece of concept art from the live action Akira movie this time featuring Kanedas bike thanks to Warner Bross concept artist called Jonas De Ro.

From the corner of the screen you can make out that the other shot was saw of Kaneda is part of this bigger picture as he watches a nuke like explosion go off in Tokyo.

Looking at this it looks like they might be going down a CGI movie like Avitar instead of the live action version we were expecting. If thats true it would make one legendary trillogy.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 28, 2013


Akira movie concept art

Here’s something new, its concept art from the new Akira movie. It looks like Kaneda with his signiture jacket standing in front of a nuke type explosion in Tokyo.

Jonathan Nolan writing Akira Script

The Japanese Manga epic Akira is still having trouble getting started. Like any comic book movie in crisis it’s the Nolans to the rescue. Enter Jonathan Nolan to pen the latest script.

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