Comics have been made into TV series for longer than they have been made into movies. With shows like Smallville, Walking Dead and even that Aquaman pilot. Super Robot Mayhem finally has a place for comics on TV.

SHIELD TV Series from ABC

It’s official ABC have signed to make a pilot episode for a spin off series baded on the S.H.I.E.L.D team from the Avengers movie.

Extended Arrow Trailer looks epic

Thanks to CW we have a new extended Arrow trailer which makes the series look epic. After Smallville made it to the ten season mark we might actually have another super DC TV series.

Red Dwarf series 10 trailer

Thanks to the TV channel Dave we have a second chance of bringing the Red Dwarf crew back. This is the first trailer for series 10.

Arrow Trailer

When Smallville finished it wasn’t clear what DC could do to fill the spot. Wonder Woman was a major flop and the Green Arrow may be the dark horse of TV shows this year.

Black Canary Cast in Arrow TV show

The next DC super hero is getting close to a complete TV pilot. Black Canary has just joined the cast of the Arrow TV show.

Arrow on CW

Those of us who loved Smallville will be glad to know Wonder Woman wasn’t the end of DC on TV. CW has been commissioned to make a whole new Green Arrow Pilot.

Walking Dead Season 2 Air Dates for 2012

Walking Dead season 2 will continue in February 2012 to help bridge the comic book movie gap for those of us that are too lazy to read them. Here are air dates and some of the episode titles.

Booster Gold TV Series

We may finally have a replacement for Smallville. NBC is commissioning a pilot TV episode of DC Comics Booster Gold. It already has more promise than the Wonder Woman TV show.

Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

Zombies in the millions or so it would seem in the new trailer for Walking Dead Season 2 out this October.

Walking Dead Season Two Preview

The most wanted TV show of 2011 The Walking Dead Season 2 will be back in October and here is the first Official Preview.

Powers TV show

If we have learnt anything from the Walking Dead it’s don’t camp in the woods after a zombie invasion and two comic book TV series can work. Bring on Brian Bendis Powers Pilot

Walking Dead Season 2 Cast List

If you only watch one TV show this year it’s got to be the Walking Dead season 2. Season one was flawless zombie action. Here’s and update on the cast and characters who will appear in season 2.

Smallville Complete series on DVD

One of, no the most iconic Comic TV series in history has reached it’s Tenth season and the DVD collection is up for pre order.

Batman Year One Cartoon

Maybe the best news Gotham city has had in years. Frank Miller’s Year One is going to get an animated movie.

Adrianne Palicki in the new Wonder Woman Costume

Thanks to we have the first look at Adrianne Palicki in the full Wonder Woman costume.

Elizabeth Hurley joins the cast of Wonder Woman

The chance of a Wonder Woman movie is slim to none for at least a decade but we are one step closer with model slash actress Elizabeth Hurley joining the cast for the pilot.

Adrianne Palicki is the new Wonder Woman

Awesome news for Wonder Woman fans. They have cast the leading lady in David E Kelley’s new show.

Wonder Woman TV series coming to NBC

It’s official, David E Kellys Wonder Woman TV show has been picked up by NBC in a reinvention of the classic DC super babe.

V Season 2 Trailer

The second and probably last season of V will be airing soon and ABC have released a super long spoiler for the opening episode.

Walking Dead episode s01e03 trailer

The Walking Dead TV series has been a total dark horse when it comes to must watch TV. Here is the trailer for the third episode.

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