Arrow on CW

For those of us who were massive fans of Smallville this is pretty amazing news. After the failed attempt of the Aqua Man pilot and the more recent Wonder Woman show DC and CW are at it again with a rather epic looking Green Arrow series.

In favor of leaving Smallville in the past no matter how good it was this wont be a spin off but an all new stand alone series.

So far the first season script is complete and a screen tests with Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in the series. What excites fans the most will be the addition of David Nutter to direct the pilot. David was the brains behind the Smallville pilot, Sarah Connor Chronicles and some of the bloodiest bits of Game of Thrones.

The new series is titled “Arrow” and is set to be darker than Smallville as Oliver Queen had a no mercy policy when it comes to crime.

Fans who wanted a Smallville spin off may be slightly disappointed but it’s likely some of his Smallville background will leak through.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 1, 2012

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With news of a new WB movie in the works based on the Birds of Prey it looks like Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary maybe the first main character in Arrow to not return.

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A League of Assasins spin-off

With the massive success of Flash and Arrow are CW and DC looking to make a spin-off show based on the League of Assassins.

Arrow writers consider Green Lantern spin-off

Is John Diggle the next Green Lantern? We are one step closer to another Arrow spin-off show.

First look at Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary

Here are two official pictures of Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary as Laurel takes on the mantle from her sister.

Laurel Lance Black Canary Costume from Arrow

First picture of the new look Laurel Lance Black Canary costume in Arrow.

Brandon Routh re joins the Justice League as the Atom

Set for season 3 of Arrow we see ex Superman Brandon Routh re joining the Justice League as Atom. This could be a cameo or it could mean a whole new series.

Harley Quinn joins the Suicide Squad in Arrow

After Batman:Arkham Asylum made her the hottest villain in the DC universe Harley Quinn finally has a live action appearance in CWs Arrow where she is played by Cassidy Alexa

Epic Dark Knight style promo for Arrow season 2

The first series of Arrow was very much inspired by the Dark Knight movies but looking at the latest promo for season 2 this run could totally rival Batman movies.

Arrow Season 2 air date

With a legendary ending to the first season Arrow will be back with what will be an even bigger second series with even more ties to the DC comics. CW have just announced the air date for the start of the second series.

Arrow s01e03 Deadshot dead after one episode

Moving into episode three of CW’s Arrow the death count of villains continues to grow this time adding DC comics super villain Deadshot to the list of bad guys Arrow has brought to justice.

Arrow rips off Batman Begins a bit but its ok

It’s official the Arrow TV show was inspired partly by Christopher Nolans Batman movies, but its cool because it works pretty well.

Arrow pilot review

The first episode of Arrow has just aired on CW and as the latest TV show based on one of DC comics icons its made big waves, Arrow is well worth keeping an eye on.

Extended Arrow Trailer looks epic

Thanks to CW we have a new extended Arrow trailer which makes the series look epic. After Smallville made it to the ten season mark we might actually have another super DC TV series.

Arrow Trailer

When Smallville finished it wasn’t clear what DC could do to fill the spot. Wonder Woman was a major flop and the Green Arrow may be the dark horse of TV shows this year.

Black Canary Cast in Arrow TV show

The next DC super hero is getting close to a complete TV pilot. Black Canary has just joined the cast of the Arrow TV show.


Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel is coming to Disney Plus in June 8th 2022

Moon Knight

The new series. has been created by Jeremy Slater with Mohamed Diab directing the first few episodes. Oscar Isaac will be playing Marc Spector aka the Moon Knight.

Superman and Lois News

Clark Kent / Superman and Lois Lane return to Smallville with their sons Jonathan and Jordan. It’s a new take on Superman and we see a side to him we’ve not seen before in a live action movie or show. 

Masters of the Universe Revelation part 1 review

The new Masters of the Universe Revelation TV show has just hit Netflix and here is our review for part 1 covering the first five episodes and a return to Eternia we’ve been waiting for.

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