Adrianne Palicki in the new Wonder Woman Costume

As Smallville closes on its 10th season it will leave a huge gap for comic book inspired TV. Enter Davil E Kellys new Wonder Woman.

We first heard the news of Adrianne Palicki a few weks ago out of the blue. The series had been rumoured for a few years and even a movie script was in the works. With creative teams not knowing the best way to bring Wonder woman out of the pages of the DC comic universe it’s left a lot of new ish ground.

The new costume seems to be loosely based on the new costume from issue #600 mixed in with a little acrylic and latex.

It looks like the series is jumping in at the deep end. One of the reason Smallville has made it to 10 seasons is the way the writers tease with Clark’s flying and the full Superman costume. If this is the costume Adrianne Palicki will wear from the start it’s going to have to move fast and keep a strong plot.

Thanks to for the first look at Wonder Woman.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 20, 2011


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