Smallville Complete series on DVD

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It’s been a long journey for Clark Kent from boy to the man of steel. Smallville has revolutionised the way we see a lot of the Justice League and introduced a whole new audience to comics in the DC universe.

The complete 10 season collection is here on DVD. Lets face it the wedding of Lois and Clark is going to miles better than the royal wedding thing that was all over youTube.

We have seen so many characters come and go through the ten years in production and the tenth season has taken the fans biggest expectations for the show and blown them apart and taken the opportunity to cram in even more characters from the DC universe.

If the new Superman movie is half as good as the series as been the makes would have done an amazing job.

Moving on the the big deal. Smallville is probably one of the most sort after DVD box sets since Friends. For me it’s more one of the must haves for any comic fan. I’m almost offended when I hear someone say they stopped watching at season 2. It’s been super epic and I’d give up my whole comic collection, right and left arm for an eleventh season.

Cheapest Smallville Complete Series on DVD

At the moment Amazon has come through with a sale on the pre order for the complete set on DVD which is maybe the cheapest price it will be sold at for a few years.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 5, 2011

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